Diaphragm breathing can be used to help drain dead lymph cells.
Diaphragm breathing can be used to help drain dead lymph cells.

How to remove toxins from your body

Diaphragm breathing is important to the immune system, as there is no actual pump but the action of the diaphragm acts like a pump.

It helps to drain dead lymph cells and other debris from the lymph nodes into the blood stream, where it is carried away.

The lymphatic system is very important as it helps to remove toxins, (poisons), from your body.

Upper body stretching, using two types of rigorous arm swings; overhead and forward and backwards bowling action movements and laterally across the body and back (2 x 30).

This will aid the lymphatic system, which is especially important for women.

Men and women should also concentrate on lower body movement, such as hip swings and brisk walking.

It becomes obvious that stretching exercises are interlinked with breathing and the immune system.

Helping the lymphatic system is like getting rid of the garbage from your body. This is also assisted by regular bowel movements.

All of these help to maintain daily equilibrium.

Now to expand more on the subject of weights, and here I am going to use the, 'F', word, which is, 'Frailty!'

This is a weakness that is often associated with aging and leads to many degenerative diseases.

Building your muscular structure will help to avoid this so I am going to insist that weight training sessions are really necessary. I

n my next column I will expand on using weights and stressing the importance of cardio-training, with examples.

Lastly, I want to re-emphasize the importance of a balanced diet.

In order to aid your slower digestive rate, eat your al dente veggies and salads first, then your proteins and good quality fats.

Try not to eat simple carbs and proteins together. Fruit and carbs combine well.

- Dr Alec McHarg, (PhD)

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