CROCHET HOME: Vicki Weeks and Lisa Burgess are the masterminds behind this patchwork caravan.
CROCHET HOME: Vicki Weeks and Lisa Burgess are the masterminds behind this patchwork caravan. Molly Glassey

How to crochet a caravan

IT'S no easy feat covering a tree in crochet, but decking out a caravan is a completely different story.

Sisters Vicki Weeks and Lisa Burgess can confirm it's a tough job, but the end result makes the hard yards all worth it.

"It's been amazing to see people line up and have their photo taken with it," Ms Burgess said.

Earlier this year, the two sisters hatched a plan to yarn bomb Lisa's 1960s Sunliner caravan, affectionately known as The Egg.

"We thought we would dress it up for winter," Mrs Burgess laughed.

The sisters have owned the caravan for four years, but only started their Egg Bomb Project in February.

"We had always eyed the caravan off," Ms Burgess said.

"We knew the owner, and then one day we asked if she'd be willing to sell, and now its ours."

Ms Burgess' partner went about ensuring the caravan would be mechanically sound, and Mrs Weeks got her crochet hook clicking to start the process of blanketing the vehicle in yarn.

"I had a Facebook group with my crocheting friends, and called on them to help," Mrs Weeks explained.

And help they did!

Crochet patches were posted from across Australia to cover the caravan, with neither sister knowing exactly how many now cover their project.

"I know one piece has come from Indonesia," Ms Burgess said.

"That would have to be the furthest away."

The sisters were tasked with joining the the many hundreds of pieces together and dressing the egg.

"(Warwick Art Gallery director) Karina (Devine) found out a week before the festival what we were doing and asked us to come along," Ms Burgess said.

The sisters hope their Egg is a lasting project.

Ms Burgess letting on they would be hoping to do something bigger and better for next year's festival.

"I shouldn't say too much," Ms Burgess said.

"But the vehicle towing the caravan might have something to do with it."

Eventually the Egg will have to be stripped bare, but not until their future projects are complete, Ms Burgess said. "We will pull it a part and cut the cover up in to individual blankets," Ms Burgess said.

"Then we will donate them to aged-care homes in Warwick."

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