How a 52-year-old became a sex-worker and loved it

IT'S A VERY controversial topic, regardless of the legalities of sex work, the industry has been shunned by society and pushed into working anonymously from the shadows.

An anonymous mature-aged sex worker disclosed details of the trade to, an insight to the world of being an older worker in this unspoken industry. 

"I was divorced for one year before I started as a mature-aged sex worker," she said. 

The anon started "work" at the age of 52 and she's 58 now. Beginning her sex-career in Sydney, within a state that has outlawed sex-work as illegal.

She said working on weekends at an exclusive brothel for "mature" ladies absolutely changed her life.

"My husband was terrible at sex, we were together for nearly three decades but he was never sexy to me," she said.

"I was attracted to him as a fabulous person, as someone who was like my Rock of Gibraltar. 

"My father was a violent womaniser and this guy was the complete opposite; he was amazing, everyone loved him."

By the time the anon was in her early 50s she said she had enough with her married life and for the last five years of marriage, her and her husband didn't have sex at all.

"So when it was all over and done with, I was sitting at home and the throught of prostitution entered my mind," she said.

"'I always wanted to try that' I thought, and that was it." 

Becoming a sex-worker was something the anon really wanted to try, she said it was liberating and the money was even better once she become a top "sought after" lady. 

"I was not that best actress and no matter what sort of man I saw (hard core criminal bikies, doctors, TV personalities, "not-quite" 18-year-olds) I made them feel amazing," she said.

"I became a sexy character that I invented." 

The anon said she had a reasonably young body for her age and learned how to act like a vixen after a lifetime of mistrusting and even loathing men.

"I had the ultimate power over them and it was perfect," she said.

"I didn't need the money, but it was extra cash and I was having a great time, rather than watching Dr Phil or Oprah at home." 

A Queensland survey of sex workers conducted in 2003 found that private workers were older than street-based and brothel workers, with about three quarters of private workers over the age of 30 years old, compared with about half of brothel and street-based workers. 

"The day I decided to become a sex worker, I took myself over to a mature ladies brothel in Chatswood, in Sydney's north," said the anon.

"I was all dolled up, and when I walked in, they asked if I'd done this type of thing before and if I thought I could do it.

"I was sh**ting myself but acting confident."

A study in 2007 suggested that the older age of private workers can be attributed to the pathways individuals take to this sector, with the majority of private escorts being ex-brothel-based workers who have moved on to work privately as a sole operator. 

"Many of the ladies that start at brothels take numbers from men then ask them to come to their own homes/hotel rooms, thereby cutting out the brothel," the anon said.

"When I left I knew that it'd changed me so dramatically.

"I became obsessed with money when I'd always been unmaterialistic, I became fake and hard around the edges which did not sit well with me at all." 

Turning 60 next year, the anonymous former sex-worker now holds down an office job part-time and lives quietly. 

"Nobody knows about my time in the brothel, I have grand-children I wouldn't want to hurt, but I treasure every moment and i still have women friends who work in the industry," she said.

"Reflecting on that time I realise it was all an act, you become this other person. I enjoyed it while I was there but looking back, I don't know who that person was.

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