MUSIC ONLINE: Martin Hale (left) and Greg Barnett achieve the best sound they can in home ‘study-os’.
MUSIC ONLINE: Martin Hale (left) and Greg Barnett achieve the best sound they can in home ‘study-os’.

Home-made music scores 3000 hits on YouTube

MUSICAL duo Greg Barnett and Martin Hale would like to report that their self-produced album has made the charts and that fans are camping outside their door … but maybe not yet.

"As most musicians would relate, it’s next to impossible to earn a buck from recordings, and get heard unless you perform," Greg said. 

"There’s just too much music around, and everyone wants it for free.

"We do not perform, and we didn’t hire a studio - everything was done at home, each in our own study. Instead of hiring a ‘studio’, we each have a ‘study-o’."

The enterprising duo learned the recording process from articles and YouTube videos.

In December last year, they released a 12-track album titled Prescient, doing the writing, performing, vocals, recording, production, mastering, artwork and videos themselves.

They weren’t in the music industry for the cash, having enjoyed successful careers in finance and IT.

"Without being limited by the expense of a commercial studio, we spent hours in creation and refinement but also, as newbies, immense frustration in learning how to achieve the best ‘sound’," Greg said.

"Friends, family and acquaintances have been very positive, most being amazed at the production quality and think we’re tricking them when we say we did it all at home.

"We’ve had close to 3000 hits on YouTube since we started creating videos at the end of 2014 as we completed each song. 

"Earlier (in April) I regenerated the videos using the final audio release on CD. My website, plus digital partners such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc, are showing about 1000 downloads or streams after just two months of stats.

"Although our music isn’t taking the world by storm, it is getting heard beyond our immediate contacts. What more can non-professionals ask for?"

Greg and Martin are juggling ideas for a second album.

The semi-retirees enjoy keeping their brains active.

"It’s been highly rewarding exploring whole new technical areas and the sense of achievement has been enormous," Greg said.

"It’s good to be both physically and mentally challenged. 

"We both led very active younger lives. I’m sure this helps with muscle memory and not letting go of one’s physique.  

"Martin lives on a golf course and I cycle whenever it’s not raining."

Videos for 11 of their songs are on the website  or

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