Hollywood male actors you wouldn't realise are over 55

REMEMBER the days you were off sick from school, and day-time TV became your best friend? 

Sea Change starring heart-throb David Wenham was definitely a guilty pleasure for many (or was that just me?) but as the years have gone by, those actors that became first crushes for girls everywhere have aged and unbeknownst to many they have become seniors. 

Most you wouldn't suspect by going off face value, that could be the copious amounts of money spent on keeping their youth, but it's still surprising and a little disheartening to realise these leading male actors have lost some of their gorgeous looks.

Perhaps this isn't such a bad thing though. Maybe they are more defined, more handsome, wise looking, with more character to their face and demeanour.  

The latter of those realisations is possibly the best scenario to go with, positivity and embracing ageing is more rewarding than dwelling on the past, and lost youth. 

So without dwelling any further, here are 20 Hollywood actors you wouldn't realise are over 55, or perhaps you will, but hopefully it won't make you too sad. 

1.Alec Baldwin, 58

2.Antonio Banderas, 55

3.Bill Murray, 65

  4.Bruce Willis, 61  

  5.Bryan Cranston, 60  

  6.Colin Firth, 55

  7.Dennis Quaid, 62

  8. Denzel Washington, 61

  9.Gary Oldman, 58

  10.Hugh Grant, 55

  11.Jeff Bridges, 66

  12.John  Travolta, 62

  13.Kevin Spacey, 56

  14.Jeff Daniels 61

  15.Jeff Goldblum, 63

  16. Liam Neeson, 63

  17.Mel Gibson, 60

  19.Samuel L. Jackson, 67

  20.Tom Hanks, 59

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