INSPIRED: Hollywood actor turned life coach, Kurek Ashley.
INSPIRED: Hollywood actor turned life coach, Kurek Ashley.

Hollywood actor taught life lessons by 93-year-old

HOLLYWOOD actor turned life coach Kurek Ashley is usually the one motivating and inspiring thousands of others at packed out seminars all over the world.

But in a strange twist of life, he found himself on the receiving end of inspiration through a 93-year-old woman on the Gold Coast.

"I was staying at the Marriott," he said.

"I like to go out and walk whenever I am away giving seminars.

"I met a woman out walking.

"She had piercing blue eyes with no age in them and she was in great shape.

"I told her she looked great and she bent over and was able to put her palms on the ground.

"I was so impressed I asked how old she was, in her late 60s I thought, and when she replied 'I'm 93' I couldn't believe it.

"I was so inspired."

Ashley is one of the most in-demand speakers and inspirational teachers in the world. His teachings have impacted the lives of millions including Fortune 500 business leaders, Olympic athletes and Hollywood celebrities.

His book, How Would Love Respond? went to the best-seller list within hours of being released.

He gives seminars all over the globe, yet he is open to inspiration from others and says one of his most profound moments in life was meeting the woman who could touch not only her toes but the emotions of others.

"I asked her what inspired her, how she looked so good and was so fit," Ashley said.

"For me everything in life is based on cause and effect," he said.

"I thought 'if she could do it, others could do it'.

"I asked her for strategies.

"She told me everybody is usually in awe of her but I was the only person to ask her strategies.

"She said 'if you can't handle it, don't participate in it', if you can't handle anger, don't get angry, if you can't handle alcohol don't drink'."

Maybe it is easier said than done, but if we can all touch our toes at age 93, then we should perhaps give it a try.

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