Holistic approach to improving quality of sleep for all

LOWER-back pain, diabetes, swelling of the legs, allergies, sleep apnoea.

What do all of these things have in common?

All of these conditions can greatly affect our quality of life and all of them can also be related to our sleep quality.

Did you know that we spend more time in our bed than we do in our car? Why is that most of us spend a lot more money on our car than we do on our bed?

The reality is most of us don't even think about the impact the wrong environment can have on our body.

When we sleep, our body is busy repairing and restoring cells. If our bed environment is not ideal, we can wake up feeling stiff and sore and like we've been running a marathon all night.

There are two areas that can contribute hygiene and physical support.

Hygiene is important because we shed dead skin cells and sweat constantly. This includes the eight or so hours that we are tossing and turning in our bed. Dust mites use the bacteria from our sweat to digest our skin cells and leave behind their faeces, egg shells and carcasses when they die. Because they multiply so quickly and are too small to see, we ingest much of this waste in our sleep time. Our body needs to process the toxins we inhale that can also enflame respiratory conditions.

Physical support is important because our body is curved but our bed is flat. Adjustable beds that help increase circulation to our feet and reduce swelling not only feel amazing but also support our backs to alleviate our lower back muscles trying to support our body. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to fall asleep in a recliner chair?

CPAP Direct are taking a holistic approach to sleep quality which is why they now carry arguably the world's best European bed system.

The Wenatex Sleep System is made in Salzburg Austria and is laced in silver, has removable washable covers, and both the mattress and bases have multi zoned sections with lumbar support.

Call 1300 133 298 now to speak to an expert about how we can help enhance your quality of life.

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