Helpful wellbeing and nutrition tips for Seniors

Eat at least three meals a day:

As we get older we often need fewer kilojoules because we are less active than when we were younger. However, we still need a similar amount of nutrients, sometimes more, which is why it can be difficult to get all the nutrients you need if your food portions are too small.

Have at least three daily meals, 2 -3 healthy snacks in-between meals and keep an eye on any weight changes you experience. Depending how active you are, your dietary requirements may vary - be sure to speak to a professional to assess if your current diet suits your lifestyle needs.

Watch your appetite and weight: 

While we often hear about the benefits of losing weight, weight loss is generally not recommended as we age. So if you find that your appetite is declining and your weight is dropping it might be time to seek the advice from your doctor and dietitian.

Share mealtimes with friends or family:

Research shows that people who eat with others are more likely to eat regularly and eat well than those who dine alone. A great way to reinvigorate your love for food is to join friends or family at mealtimes and make it a social occasion. Set a regular night to dine in a restaurant, share a meal with a neighbour, or invite family or friends over to cook with you once a week.

Plan ahead: 

Many people struggle to cook for one person, especially if they are used to cooking for two people or an entire family. The good news is that you don't need to give up your favourite classic dishes - just plan ahead or opt for healthy meal delivery services.

To help, try writing a list of what you need before you head to the shops, and prepare healthy meals that you can keep on-hand in the freezer. Many meals, such as casseroles and hearty soups freeze well. Place them in single portions in either small containers or freezer bags, making sure to label and date the food.

Stay active:

As well as eating healthy, ensure you're getting enough exercise. Not only is exercise a great social activity and way to make new friends, but it can also be used as a way to unwind or recharge - not to mention increasing your appetite. Walking, swimming, and yoga are all great, low-impact activities.

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