Help to save an animal's life on the Sunshine Coast

NEW HOME, NEW LIFE: Marilyn Dempster with Monty and Ruby.
NEW HOME, NEW LIFE: Marilyn Dempster with Monty and Ruby. Warren Lynam

WE ALL know owning a cat or dog is particularly beneficial to seniors, especially if they live alone.

But the responsibility of taking on a puppy or a kitten and caring for it for at least 15 years is daunting to most.

But how about fostering a dog or cat?

Julie Penlington is the founder of 4Paws on the Sunshine Coast, rescuing animals and then helping people in the community to foster them before they are permanently re-housed. She is always looking for volunteers to foster an animal.

"A foster 'parent' has only to provide a safe yard for a dog and be able to keep a cat inside at all times," Julie said.

"And they have to care for the animal and give it some stability and safety."

Obviously there are costs involved in caring for a pet but with fostering, all vet care and veterinary items are provided by 4Paws.

They also supply food and bedding.

The benefits of having a domestic animal in the house for companionship and affection cannot be overstated.

"You will be helping to save a life and you'll get loads of dog or cat kisses and cuddles," Julie said.

Find out more about becoming a foster 'parent' to a cat or dog by calling 0400251396 or 0411144689 or visit: www.4pawsanimalrescue

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