Help other mums feel special too

MOTHER'S Day is all about mothers, but one mum has decided not to make it about herself.

Noosa's Maire Morrison has asked her children to give all the gifts they'd planned to give her to other mothers who might not be as fortunate.

The idea, which was sparked only a few weeks ago, has inspired other mothers across the region to do the same.

Ms Morrison said she had been laying in bed, thinking about what she wanted for Mother's Day when she realised there was very little she actually needed.

"I didn't want my children buying me anything for Mother's Day as I didn't need anything," she said.

And then she started thinking about all the other mums on the Sunshine Coast who wouldn't receive much on the special day because of their financial or home situation.

"I thought I'd want my gifts to go to the homeless mums or those affected by domestic violence," she said.

She approached her adult children, Nick and Brooke Brereton and they both loved the idea.

"They said it was a great idea. They knew they could afford something pretty from Coles," Ms Morrison said.

Initially, she planned to give her gifts to the Noosa Christian Outreach Centre to disperse to those in need.

But when she mentioned it to her friends they also loved the idea and asked their children to do the same.

"My friends have been ringing me and coming forward to donate stuff, its just taking off," she said.

And the best thing is, she is feeling fabulous as she knows she is doing something for someone else. That kind of feeling is something money can't buy.

She has invited other mothers to join the "mums for mums" cause.

If you would like to help, contact Ms Morrison at

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