WATCH: Man wildly celebrates rain in drought-stricken Dubbo

RAIN can do strange things to the mind of a man living in the drought-stricken regions of Australia.

Just ask Dubbo resident Ben Goatcher.

The local business owner celebrated the recent downpour by ripping off his shirt and, with stubbie in hand, perform his own joyful rain dance.

In footage shot by his sister, Sarah Jay, Ben runs jubilantly down the side of his father's property, waving his arms in the air as the wind and rain howls around him.

He even ends his euphoric sprint with a perfect and triumphant dive into a muddy pool.

The nearly 40 millimetres of rain was the first major rainfall in more than 100 days to hit Dubbo.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, the town's last major rain event was October last year.