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Healing power of rolfing

THERE is a wide range of symptoms that people simply accept as a part of aging, including changes in posture and spinal curvature, body aches and pains, reduced energy, and stress.

However, research shows you can mitigate these symptoms with rolfing.

It's a form of manipulation therapy, named after its creator Dr Ida Rolf, that focuses on the connective tissues throughout the body. Dr Rolf created it based on her understanding of the body as a network of tissues, as opposed to individual parts. Over the years, research has supported the benefits of rolfing.

Focusing on the network of tissues and how they connect throughout the body is what makes rolfing unique and more effective than other therapies.

By using movement education, rolfing techniques usually have a long-term effect over body posture, alignment and functioning.

These are different from massage techniques, that often provide relief for muscle discomfort and focus more on relaxation.

For example, massage therapy offers a high level of relaxation as well as pain relief in the muscles, but it focuses on specific areas of pain. Rolfing is a form of manipulation that provides ease and balance throughout the entire body. By addressing the body as a whole instead of specific parts, you are provided with less overall strain.

Rolfing can have incredible healing power on not just your body, but also your mind as you feel better and think differently.

Here are just 5 of the reasons you should consider rolfing.


Improve Your Spinal Health

Maintaining good spinal health is essential to maintaining overall good health. Seventy to 90 per cent of Australians experience back pain at some point throughout their lives, which makes spinal health a widespread concern.

Spinal surgeon Dr Michael Wong asserts that one way to improve spinal health is to "consciously correct your posture."

Research has shown that rolfing can dramatically improve your posture and reduce the curvature of the spine.


Revitalize Energy

Rolfing has been shown to increase energy because it allows you to conserve energy by using your muscles more efficiently. This will reduce the amount of effort needed to do basic tasks. Going through the process, you will feel overall more energetic as you can move around more with less effort. This has a momentum effect on your energy and health.


Restore Flexibility

As you age, it is common to feel stiff and less flexible than you used to be. However, this is not merely a consequence of aging. It is a preventable and treatable condition. Research shows that rolfing can work to restore flexibility, allowing you to move more easily.

Similarly, the revitalisation of energy, the restoration of flexibility can have a significantly positive impact on your overall health.


Resolve Discomfort and Pain

Poor posture and decreased flexibility lead to overall physical discomfort and pain. Physical discomfort and pain lead many people to further the downward health spiral by simply not doing as much. The more stationary they are, the worst their symptoms get.

It is vital that you get to the core of the problem, so you can feel the discomfort and pain being alleviated, allowing you to do the things you love. You can stop and reverse the downward health spiral and live a fulfilling life at any age.


Reduce Stress

Being in pain and feeling like you are missing out on life is stressful. Constantly having to go to doctors and finding no relief from your symptoms is stressful. Rolfing can provide relief from the stress of chronic pain.

There are also intrinsic mental health benefits to rolfing that reduce stress. While the process of rolfing can sometimes be uncomfortable in the short-term, the long-term mental and emotional benefits of rolfing are well-documented.

How Rolfing Typically Works

When one region of the body is suffering from misalignment, the entire body is in distress and this communicated to the other organs through the fascia. If the shoulder is out of alignment, the rest of the body has to compensate. In order to bring the shoulder into a healthier position, the practitioner has to adjust the rest of the body need to be adjusted.

Rolfing is done over a series of sessions, ten or more, depending on the individual needs of the person, with each session having a specific goal and region of the body to accomplish. Each session alternates standing and sitting postures. They usually begin with the practitioner evaluating the patient's movement structure and pattern, while walking or standing. While on the massage table, different pressure movements are applied to different parts of the body to begin easing restrictions in the connective tissue and realign the body. Patients are often asked to make small, synchronized movements or breathing exercises during the procedure.

How Is Rolfing Different from Massage?

You can feel more relaxed and limber throughout your body on a regular basis, which provides a distinct feeling of wellness.

Rolfing typically involves deep tissue manipulation, and in this sense, many of the techniques may appear very similar to massage. However, rolfing doesn't only work at the deep tissue level so it will include varying techniques with different amounts of pressure used to target different layers of the body in a logical way.

Some may think that because they've tried a massage in the past, and it didn't help with the overall and long-term strain on their body, that rolfing will produce similar results. However, while it may look similar from the outside, providers are specially trained to focus on creating balance throughout the body.

Researches show many benefits of rolfing, and these five that we detailed are just the tip of the iceberg. The healing power of rolfing is life-changing for many people, and it can be for you too.  

Sarah Pelham is the Beauty & Wellness Expert for Bookwell.com.au,

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