Damage shown through the window of a Simpson St home after a party.
Damage shown through the window of a Simpson St home after a party. Lisa Benoit Roklhouse

Teen Halloween party causes ‘$50,000 damage’ to house

UPDATE Tuesday 4pm:  Facebook theories about what prompted the Simpson St Halloween party damage have ranged from revenge to immaturity.

More than 30 people have commented on The Morning Bulletin Facebook site today.

Meanwhile the real estate agency which manages the rental said they were extremely disappointed by the events that had taken place over the weekend.

"In our view this is totally unacceptable behaviour and a lack of respect for property," the real estate agency said.

MONDAY: ROCKHAMPTON had its very own little house of horrors on Halloween when an estimated 100 teenagers threw a party at a rental home.

The revellers allegedly inflicted an estimated $50,000 worth of damage within three hours.

The party-goers, believed to be aged 14 to 16, were unsupervised on Saturday night as they flung porcelain plates from windows, ripped awnings from their hinges, demolished plaster board walls and decorated the lawn with an array of alcohol bottles.

A neighbour from the Berserker area said she arrived home at 6pm to find the Simpson St residence alight with strobes and large speakers shaking with loud music.

"I had a go at them around quarter past six when they cranked up the music," she said.

"I told them I hoped they weren't going to have it that loud all night and they said, we won't."

Not long after the teenagers promised they wouldn't be too noisy, the neighbour said she heard what sounded like glass bottles being smashed outside.

"I walked out to have a look and saw they were throwing crockery from the second storey window," she said.

"I could see the lounge room and I saw holes all through the walls and that's when I decided to ring the police."

The neighbour said while she was on the phone the teenagers smashed a whole wall by kicking holes into it.

"I could see right from one side of the wall to the other," she said.

Rockhampton police were called to the scene and arrived around nine o'clock at night to shut down the out-of-control party.

Police were called again on Sunday after another neighbour complained about more damage being inflicted there by young people.

The neighbour said she spoke to two of the teenagers to ask them if they realised the mess they had made.

"The boys responded by saying, 'oh, you know what parties are like, they sometimes get out of control'," she said.

"They said it was just somewhere for them to go to have a good party."

She hopes the teenagers will be punished for their actions.

"It just incredible that you could do that to someone's property," she said.

The landlord took to Facebook on the weekend to vent his anger as he wanted to know where the parents of the "100" child party-goers where when they caused "the $50,000 damage" to his Rockhampton house.

The landlord declined the opportunity to comment further.

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