Strange politics: Gun nuts real victims of vilification...

THIS week's biggest stretch award goes to that one-man party of firearm fetishists, the Liberal Democrats.

And they really do not care what you think.

The pro-gunners took to Twitter on Thursday to howl down racists and morons for driving Adam Goodes to the brink of retiring from AFL.

A fair call on the face of it, sure, but their ability to relate it to the plight of long-suffering manly men who straddle AK-47s in their sleep was drawing a long bow indeed.

"Every law-abiding gun owner has faced same discrimination and vile comments from anti-gun zealots and media. Stop it!" they bemoaned.

When pulled up on the mammoth stretch, the party assured Twitter it was definitely related because "gun control in USA (was) started by KKK to prevent Afro-Americans protecting themselves".

The response was predictably savage.

"Your party is an enormous joke that has one man elected by accident," wrote one weak bloke, who has probably never fired a grenade launcher in his pathetic little life.

"Personally I never boo a guy with a gun. The last thing I want to do is spook an armed idiot," simpered another.

The thing is, the Liberal Democrats could not care less.

David Leyonhjelm's party last month released a "hurt feelings complaint form" on Facebook, and they were clearly well-versed in the subtleties of not giving a flying you-know-what.

The Liberal Democrats' hurt feelings complaint form.
The Liberal Democrats' hurt feelings complaint form.

"In response to a rising level of what can only be described as 'butthurt' regarding both Liberal Democrats policy and the various utterances of our public figures, we have decided to streamline our grievance processes," party president Gabriel Buckley wrote.

"Should anything any of us do, say, think or look like we're thinking of doing or saying cause your knickers to bunch unceremoniously please feel free to fill out one of our handy complaints forms."

They included a dozen or so complaint subcategories, from a politician's comments that could be taken in the wrong way "if you stood on one leg, cocked your head to the side and squinted a bit" to David Leyonhjelm "told me to f*** off".

Which he actually did, when a bunch of misguided anti-gun campaigners in medieval garb recently decided the best way to protest was to film themselves dancing around him like weirdos while he got on an elevator.

Another time he replied to a protester's email referencing Hitler with: "Go f*** yourself you communist turd".

So it was only a hop, skip and a jump to suggest gun owners were the real victims of racial vilification, bizarre as it may sound.

But I might as well not bother with my criticism, because I already know what Leyonhjelm reckons I should do.

As the fine print clearly states at the bottom of the hurt feelings complaint form: "Please feel free to roll up this piece of paper and stick it fair up your"... well, you get the picture.


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