HERVEY BAY GOLF: Division 3 winner Marie Perkin on the left and Masifili Taylor Division 1 winner on the right. Absent is the Division 2 winner Anne Lewis.Photo Contributed
HERVEY BAY GOLF: Division 3 winner Marie Perkin on the left and Masifili Taylor Division 1 winner on the right. Absent is the Division 2 winner Anne Lewis.Photo Contributed Contributed

Green Scene: Fraser Coast golf results from May 11-18


Sunday, May 8


4BBB 18 holes

Winner: Mark Dempsey & Ross Sheppard 49

Runners-up: Cliff Lean & Des Screaigh 47

Friday, May 13


Chook Run

Nine hole Stableford

Winner: Ted Boulton 31

Runner-up: Marie Richardson 29

Sunday, May 15


Single Stableford

Nine holes

Winner: Elaine Kent 21

Runner-up: Helen Morcom 20

Nearest the Pin on 4 was Leon Morcom

Boonooroo Golf Club Mens and Ladies Open is on Sunday, June 12. 9 am Shotgun Start for the 18 Hole Event.

Phone Helen Morcom on 4129 8367 to nominate. Entries close on Friday, June 10.


Saturday, May 14


Stroke (27 holes) Foursomes Championship

Mens Gross

Winners Charlie & Dave Saunders

Runners-up: Barry Hale and John Smith.

Mens Nett

Winners: Dave Thornley & George Cook

Runners-up: Lee Lennon & Bob Sexton.

Womens Gross

Winners: Iris Cameron & Marcia McWha.

Womens Nett

Winners: Sally McLeod & Carol Lennon

Runners-up: Nita McCracken & Gail Gerchow.

Pin Shots

5th: Iris Cameron & Marcia McWha, Dave Thornley & George Cook.

8th: Iris Cameron & Marcia McWha, Charlie & Dave Saunders.

9th: Charlie & Dave Saunders, Nita McCracken & Gail Gerchow.

13th: Bill Sherburn & Mike Logan, Marcia McWha & IrisCameron

15th: George Cook & Dave Thornley, Iris Cameron & Marcia McWha.

Congratulations to all.

Fraser Lakes

Sunday, May 15


Four Ball Multiplier Stableford

Winner: Angela Williams & Bill Fitzsimmons 79.

Runner-up: Jimmy Cardelli & Bevan Dingle 77 followed by Alan McGeorge & Wayne Taratoa 70, Bob Labinsky & Jim Kavanagh 66 and Lloyd Hosking & Merv Howells 64.

Pin Shots: 5 Bill Fitzsimmons, 8 Jimmy Cardelli, 13 Angela Williams, 15 Wayne Taratoa.

Next Sunday is Single Stroke.

Fraser Lakes Social Club


Friday, May 13


Well the Bevanator returned with a vengeance.

He forced his way into the chook pen with Frank a Dank and Plumber Dave.

Three plump chickens bit the dust. Irish Cardelli, Chas, and Rusty Rod were keen to get a chicken but had to be satisfied with a ball in the chicken run.

Frank a Dank, Rusty Rod and Plumber Dave the got the pin feathers, while birds of another kind were plucked by Bevanator, Frank a Dank, Pistol, Chas and Plumber Dave.

Pistol kept his powder dry but could only shoot a can of beans.

See you next week at the fowl house.

Don't forget we are on winter time so hit off is at 2pm. If you are running late, phone 0407 860 871 and someone will wait.

See you there and bring a friend. No QGU handicap required.

All players welcome.

Cheers until next Friday.

Officer Dibble.

Thursday RSL Eagles


Thursday, May 12


Nine hole

Winner: Neville Longland 30.

Runner-up: Eric Boland 33.

Pin Shots: 5 Leslie Perry, 8 Darrel Woodhouse.

Putts: Neville Longland 17.

Thank you to the Hervey Bay RSL for their kind sponsorship. New players are most welcome. Every Thursday, 12.30pm for a 1pm tee off.

Thursday Chook Run


Thursday, May 12


Nine Hole Stroke Event

Winner: Les Hempsall on count back 35.

Runner-up: Neil Honey & John McKee 35 followed by Les Williams 36.

Pin Shots: 5 John Whitford, 8 Bob Labinsky.

Wednesday, May 11


Single Stableford

Winner: Alan McGeorge 41.

Runner-up: Jimmy Cardelli 36 followed by Rodney Boyce 36,Bevan Dingle 33 and Garry Crosland 32.

Pin Shots: 5 Rodney Boyce, 8 Rodney Boyce , 13 Alan McGeorge. 15 Rodney Boyce.

Next Wednesday, May 18: Single Stableford

Tuesday, May 10


Vets results

4BBBL Aggregate Nett

Winner: Barrie Cater & Chris Reid 96.

Runners-up: Wayne Taratoa & Bill Fitzsimmons 97.

Pin Shots: 5 Chris Reid, 8 Neil Honey, 15 Wayne Taratoa.

New Players and Visitors Welcome

Tuesdays Vets Comp

12 holes, 7.30am check in.

Wednesday Arvo Comp

18 Holes, 12pm Tee Off.

Thursday Chook Run

Nine holes, 7.30am check in.

Thursday RSL Eagles

Nine holes, 12.30pm check in.

Friday Chook Run

Nine holes, 2pm check in.

Sunday Main comp

18 holes, 7.30am check in.

Hervey Bay

Tuesday, May 10


The Escape Travel single stableford event.

A Grade

Winner: Garry Hunt 40pts

Runner-up: Gary Madden also 40pts

B Grade

Winner: David Dwyer 40pts

Runner-up: Klaus Gottschalk 39pts

C Grade

Winner Bob Cole 39pts

Runner-up: Alan Slocombe 39pts

D Grade

Winner Ross Hilder 42pts

Runner-up: David Hilder 37pts.


Winner: Pauline Warr 38pts

Runner-up: Gayle Searle 36pts.

NTP: 2nd Warren Barnes, 7th Michael Hogan, 12th Kristy Taylor.

The Wide Bay Mazda Ladies Monthly Medal had a good field competing.

Div 1 won by Masifili Taylor with 70 nett, runner up Val McCormick 75 nett. Div 2 Ann Lewis 71 nett from Merilyn Olzard 73 nett, Div 3 winner Marie Perkin 70 nett from Beverley Brown 72 nett.

The best putter on the day Sharon Polzin 25 putts.

Thursday, May 12


Single stableford competition

A grade

Winner: Andrew Diggens 39pts from Warren Barnes also on 39pts

B Grade

Winner Max Crane 40pts runner up Allan Sellke 38pts

C Grade

Winner Paul Madden 39pts runner up Noel Dickinson 38pts

D Grade

Winner John Spicer 41pts runner up Rodney Smith 40pts.


Winner: Kristy Taylor 38pts.

NTP: 2nd Glen Salter, 7th Robin Harrison,12th Peter Jenkins.

Secret 12: winners Andrew Diggens & Warren Barnes on 27pts.

Saturday, May 14


Second round of the Men's Club Championships single stroke daily trophies.

A Grade

Winner: Christopher Olive 69 nett

Runner-up: Gerard Taylor 69 nett

B Grade

Winner: John McLennan 71 nett

Runner-up: Pat Jessome 71 nett

C Grade

Winner: Tony De Andrade 69 nett

Runner-up: Ross Wilson 70 nett

D Grade

Winner: John Williams 68 nett

Runner-up: Terry Hudson 69 nett.

Ladies stableford

Winner: Irene Hill 37pts.

NTP: 2nd Cliff Searle, 7th Malcolm Chapman & 12th David Norman.

Sunday, May 15


Sunday single stableford competition

Winner: Rodney Mason 41pts

Runner-up: Gordon Kellerman 39pts


Winner Marie Perkin 34pts.

Ladies are reminded that the Ladies Wide Bay Mazda Club Championships start on Wednesday, May 25.

Shirley Tarte - Secretary


Tuesday, May 10


Veterans, Medley Stableford

Winner: Ken Wills 47

Runners-up: Ruedi Christen 41 c/b

Pin Shot: (3) Brian Lanyon, (7) Des Melksham, (11) Ian Iszlaub, (17) Peter Bell

Pro Pin No. 9 (3) Larry Blake 3.98m, (2) Gordon Clarke 4.00m, (1) Wal Ballard, Brian Lee, Peter Bryant, Allan Vollmerhause 5.40m

S/Stakes: (41) Peter Bell, (39) Bob Cowle, (38) Don Laurie, Brian Lee, Glenn Christensen, Des Raymond, (37) Ian Iszlaub, Wal Ballard, Earl Kath, Rex Chamberlain, Kevin Riley, (36) Ric Gosano, Terry Benbow, Best Use of the Course - Allan Peters

Wednesday, May 11


Stroke, Wednesday Club

Nine Hole

Winner: Marvin Reck 34

Runners-up: Damon Mathiesen 35 c/b

Pin Shots: No. 11 (2) Paul Garland 0.72m, (1) Dave Habermann, Tony Pope, Glenn Carmody 17.3m, No. 13 Marvin Reck, No.17 Steve McIntosh

S/Stakes: (35) David Ferguson, Laurie Ammenhauser, Kevin Whelan, George Best, (36) Stephen Barry, Geoff Hogan, John Beddows, Mark Philip, (37) Dave Habermann, Rob Walker, Calvin Playle, Lionel Moores, Colin Henderson, Steve McIntosh, (38) Clive Davis, John Casey, James Taylor Snr, Glenn Carmody, (39 c/b) Ron Cross

18 Hole

Winner: Marvin Reck 62

Runners-up: Damon Mathiesen 64

Pro Pins: No. 6 (3) Dan Oakhill 0.74m, (1) Rob Walker, Gary Madden, Geoff Hogan, Ross Smith 3.69m, No. 9 (3) Tony O'Keeffe, 0.12m, (1) Sue Hargraves, Derek Greathead, Ken List, Judy Neilsen 3.05m

S/stakes: (65) Ron Cross, Colin Henderson, (66) George Best, Glenn Carmody, John Hutchinson, (67) Laurie Ammenhauser, Mark Philip, (68) John Beddows, James Taylor Snr, Kevin Whelan, David Ferguson, (69) Phil Baker, John Casey, Neil Smith, (70 c/b) Ken List, Wal Ballard, Calvin Playle, Derek Greathead


Stableford, Club Trophy

Winner: Glen Hard 35 c/b

Pin Shot: (3) Judy Neilsen, (7) Chris Poppi

Pro Pin: No. 17 - (1) Lyn Willoughby 0.33m, Ann Eastwell 0.54m, Sue Hargraves 0.67m, Chris Poppi 0.76m, Di Gees 0.81m

S/stakes: (35) Sue Hargraves, (34) Chris Poppi, Di Gees, Judy Neilsen

Friday, May 13


Friday Club, Medley Stableford

Nine Hole

Winner: Tristan Balkin 25 c/b

Runners-up: Ken Sleep 25

Pin Shot: No. 7 - Peter Cunningham ($20 Meat Voucher - Donated by 'The Butcher Shop', Tinana Place)

Pro Pin: No. 9 (4) Peter Baker 1.26m, (3) Dennis O'Connor 1.59m, (2) John Knight 1.65m, (1) Alan Eaves, Gavin Earl, Craig backer, Frank Burkett 2.87m

S/stakes to 19pts: Tony Van Lathum, Peter Kersnovske, John Kelleher, Gavin Earl, Earl Kath, Ross Arthur, Kevin Slade, Ian Harth, Brian Lanyon, Stephen Nicholas, Dennis Higham, Peter Cunningham,. Ian Jones, Ken Watson, Bron Christiansen, Ian Hunter, Russell Hinks (H/Bay), Josh Powell, Jacob Dawes, Ric Gosano, Rex Chamberlain, Terry Benbow, Alan Eaves, Kevin Law, John Knight, Neil Smith, Des Bowes, Stan Armstrong, Phil Smith, Damien Foale, Kim Neilsen, Dan Oakhill

18 Hole

A Grade

Winner: Russell Sommerfeld 43

Runners-up: Rodney Meggs 42

B Grade

Winner: Tristan Balkin 42

Runners-up: Cathy Harth 38

S/stakes to 35pts: Bob Cowle, Peter McCulloch, Gavin Earl, Earl Kath, Ross Arthur, Tony Pope, Dennis Higham, Peter Cunningham, Ian Jones, James Taylor Snr, Ian Hunter, Ben Mason, Josh Powell, Ric Gosano, Rex Chamberlain, Alan Eaves, Kevin Law, John Knight, Peter Baker, Dan Oakhill

Saturday, May 14


A B C Grade Stableford, "Station Hotel, Tiaro" Trophies


A Grade

Winner: Josh Halley 40

Runners-up: Craig Strange 37 c/b

B Grade

Winner: Rex Chamberlain 40

Runners-up: Daryn Brims 37 c/b

C Grade

Winner: Peter Heit 39

Runners-up: Ross Smith 37 c/b

Pin Shots: (3) Ron Maher, (7) Dane Smith, (11) Peter Heit, (17) Ray Seeney

Pro Pin: No. 9 (5) Ross Muston 2.51m, (2) Ian Harth 2.88m (1) Bob Woodger, Rex Chamberlain, Ian Gott 4.38m, No. 13 (3) Ric Gosano, Graham Meertens 1.08m, (1) Ian Gott, Ray Seeney, Luke Clayton, Greg Buckingham 2.43m

S/stakes: (37) Paul Bray, Richard Franklin, Dane Smith, David Burns, Bob Woodger, (36) Nigel Martin, Lachlan Waldock, Phil baker, Noel Weinheimer, Col Zemek, Frank Burkett, Ian Hunter, Max Smail, (35 c/b) Phil Smith, Paul Mathiesen, Dan Oakhill, Ray Seeney, Malcolm Bell, Peter Bell


Stableford, Club Trophy

Winner: Lyn Willoughby 36

Pin Shots (3) Linda Warne, (7) Chris Maher

Pro Pin: No. 17 (1) Gay Bryant 0.37m, Lyn Willoughby 0.78m

S/stakes: (35) Di Beddows, (34) Helen Gee

Sunday, May 15


Mid Year Greenkeepers Revenge 4 Person Ambrose

Sponsored by Maryborough Service Centre, 71 Wharf Restaurant, Jim's Antennas, On Course Golf Shop, Casey's Tyre Service Centre

Best Nett: Tim Ashford, Cameron Baker, Aaron Kenny, Michael Johnson (52 5/8)

Best Gross: Luke Burrows, Aaron Grevell, Ton Van Lathum, John-Paul Kahler (59)

Best Nett Runners-up: Kevin Law, Kate Law, Sandy Law, Harry Law (53 5/8)

Long Drives: (A) Luke Burrows, (B) Dale Dakin, (C) Shane McConnell, (Ladies) Helen Gee

Pin Shots: (3) Malcolm Bell, (7) John-Paul Kahler, (11) Josh Powell, (17) Adam Gee

Pro Pin: No. 9 (6) Michael Wright (H/Bay) 3.73m, (4) Chris Yates 3.82m, (3) David Burns 4.10m, (2) Cameron Baker, David Thomas, Daryn Brims, Brett Dioth, (1) Peter Seymour, Kevin Campbell, Peter Bell, John Hutchinson, Glenn Warne 7.99m

S/Stakes: (56 1/8) Ian Wood, Jordan Hancock, Glenn Warne, Rob Mugford, (56 5/8) Lachlan Waldock, Josh Powell, Lou Jessen, Allan Vollmerhause, (56 7/8) Adam Gee, Doug Gee, Paula Knight, Helen Ge, (57 5/8) Brad Shields, Kevin Pollock, David Thomas, Trent O'Connell, (57 ¾) Michael Wynne, Jack Reid, Jeff Bacchi, Roger Bowden, (58 1/8) Lloyd Roberts, Emily Burns, David Burns, Daryn Brims, (58 1/8) Shane McConnell, John Hutchinson, James Taylor Snr, James Taylor Jnr.

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