Got the wet weather mouldy blues?

NO WONDER they call them rain depressions!

With mould sprouting like mushrooms on walls and ceilings, nobody can feel happy.

But there's a terrific recipe for removing mould which doesn't include nasty, eco-unfriendly bleach - it's good old oil of cloves.

You can purchase it at your pharmacy.

Sometimes it comes already diluted with water or sometimes it's pure and you need to use half a teaspoon in a litre of water in a spray bottle.

Spray onto the mould (patch test first to make sure it doesn't damage the surface), then leave for a few hours.

Wipe off with a wet cloth to remove the mould. Sometimes it may need a scrub with a brush to get rid of stubborn mould.

Then spray a little more on the area and leave it to stop mould growing back.

This works on tiles, grouting, walls and ceilings.

A word of warning - make sure it doesn't fall in your eyes when spraying the ceiling It's best to wear protective eye glasses.

Mouldy shower curtain? No worries! Just spray the solution on and leave overnight and wash it as usual the next day.

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