Gold, white, orange DVA cards…what’s the difference?

DVA health cards are the main way the Department of Veteran Affairs provides convenient access to health and other care services for veterans, war widows and eligible dependents.

They allow card holders a streamlined administrative process whereby the card holder only has to present their card when receiving treatment and not worry about seeking reimbursement through receipts and invoices.

There are three categories of DVA health cards - gold, white and orange.

A gold card entitles the holder to DVA funding for services for all clinically necessary health care needs and all health conditions, whether they are related to war service or not.

A white card entitles the holder to care and treatment for accepted injuries or conditions that are war-caused or service related; malignant cancer, pulmonary tuberculosis, posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety and/or depression whether war-caused or not; and the symptoms of unidentifiable conditions that arise within 15 years of service (other than peacetime services).

The orange card enables the holder to access the range of items available under the Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. It is for pharmaceuticals only.

Through prior approval arrangements, DVA can provide access to services which are not generally covered.

This is only in circumstances where the services are clinically appropriate and required, and appropriate evidence is provided, usually by the treating practitioner.

White card holders should consider private health insurance for treatment of conditions not accepted through their white card.

This is a brief explanation only for more detailed info is available at Department of Veteran Affairs.

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