Get ready: Rain and storms set to hit parts of Qld and NSW

GRAB the brolly and get set for a whole lot of rain.

Showers and storms are set to hit large parts of Australia over the coming week with Queensland and NSW bracing for a battering.

While parts of southeast and Western Australia endure sweltering heat, the Bureau of Meteorology has painted a very different picture for the rest of the country.

Showers and storms are predicted for parts the west coast, right up across the Top End and down to the NSW/Victorian border, while Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart will remain hot and dry.

Sydney and Brisbane in particular have been warned to expect falls from today and further heavy rain from Friday and into next week as a low forms.

NSW Duty forecaster for the Bureau of Meteorology Jordan Notara told said a looming Tasman low was concerning.

Mr Notara said it was a wait and watch approach as forecasters monitored the low which would bring more intense rain, potential storms and could create flash flooding.

He said parts of northern NSW coast had already copped a drenching overnight with 100mms recorded in some parts.

"We are expecting a low to form on Friday," he said.

"As that low forms there is potential to see those falls increase.

"This could bring showers and could lead to flash flooding due to its intensity."

Mr Notara said meteorologists would continue to monitor the system which comes on top of a coastal trough which has already brought steady streams of rain along the coast.


Those living in the capital of the Sunshine State better arm themselves with a big umbrella because there's a heap of rain on the way - and it's sticking around.

Heavy showers are predicted for today and tomorrow with a maximum of 28C and 29C.

Further rain is expected throughout the weekend and up until Monday.

The stormy conditions come as temperatures in Brisbane dip below a 30C maximum for the first time in a month.


Showers are forecast to hit much of the state's coastlines this week, with the BoM warning Sydney can expect four seasons in one day as the city marches into autumn.

The rains are here in a big way with a chance of showers across a lot of Australia, while a heatwave hits parts of SA, Tas and Vic.
The rains are here in a big way with a chance of showers across a lot of Australia, while a heatwave hits parts of SA, Tas and Vic. Bureau of Meteorology

A coastal trough is bringing a whole heap of rain in the coming days with a high chance of showers and storms right up until next Monday.

Sydney can expect a top of 26C today with storms, 26C tomorrow and 26C on Thursday.

Canberra can expect a top of 28C today and 29C tomorrow with showers forecast right up until Monday.


As summer is on track to be the warmest on record for many parts of NSW and southern QLD, those living in South Australia are sweltering.

Adelaide is bracing for a top of 37C today, 37C tomorrow with the mercury to stay around the mid to low 30s until Monday.

The city also had its warmest minimum temperature overnight with 27.5°C recorded, making it the warmest February night since 15 February 2015.


Victoria is also enduring hot conditions with Melbourne set to hit a high of 34C today, 31C tomorrow and 29C on Thursday.

But showers are forecast for Friday with a top of 27C before temperatures dip to the mid 20s by Monday.


Those living in the Apple Isle have been experiencing hotter than average conditions, so much so it is experiencing a heatwave.

Hobart is braced for a top of 27C today, and 28C tomorrow. Further inland the Upper Derwent Valley can expect 31C.

While 28C doesn't sound like a lot for those living in warmer states, it signifies heatwave conditions further south.

The definition of a heatwave is a run of days above the average maximum temperature for that time of year. In Hobart, in high summer that's just 22C.


While showers and storms are predicted for northern parts of the state, the mercury isn't dipping in Perth.

The city can expect 34C today, 36C tomorrow and 33C on Friday.

The temperatures will remain in the mid to high 30s throughout the weekend until Monday.


Things are looking very hot and stormy across the Top End.

Darwin can expect a top of 34C today and 34C tomorrow with storms and rain expected.

Conditions are likely to remain hot across the weekend and until Monday with further storms and temperatures in the low 30Cs predicted.

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