FUN FITNESS: Aqua Zumba is perfect for seniors.
FUN FITNESS: Aqua Zumba is perfect for seniors. Ridofranz

ACTIVE-AGEING: Get fit with Aqua Zumba

IT IS as though Aqua Zumba is tailor-made for seniors.

We all know the health benefits and fun of a Zumba session - the high-force dance exercise class.

But the high-impact moves are potentially dangerous for mature joints.

Whereas Aqua Zumba, dancing in the water, is low-impact and that means less stress on knees, hips and backs, which in turn means less chance of injury.

A knee, back or spine injury to the senior person could be devastating and certainly life-changing, but with Aqua Zumba there is little chance of such injuries.

With virtually no force on joints in the water, you can really get your body into a good workout.

There is no fear of injury from a fall with Aqua Zumba. If you do trip and fall, you will have a soft and gentle landing in the water.

Resistance is key in Aqua Zumba. Water creates a natural resistance, meaning every movement you make will help tone muscles.

Aqua Zumba also burns up the calories - more than 600 an hour if you are doing the workout correctly.

And the fun of getting your salsa dance moves on while burning up the calories makes you feel good.

It is best to take an Aqua Zumba class with an experienced tutor.

The Gosford Olympic Pool has a number of weekly classes.

For any information regarding Aqua Zumba or the Gosford Olympic Pool services and facilities, please phone 4304 7250 or go to its website:

The pool is located at 42 Masons Pde, Gosford.

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