Stovetop breakfast quinoa, salmon and egg tart.
Stovetop breakfast quinoa, salmon and egg tart. Contributed

Get cracking for brekky with egg recipe

I LOVE this breakfast recipe I made one morning when I wanted something a little more substantial and, yes, although it does feed 4-5 people depending on the number of eggs you use, I actually ate the whole lot myself, not in one sitting but for lunch and a dinner.

So the versatility of the recipe is endless. Quinoa has become one of those grains that you see everywhere and is easily picked up in the supermarket. There is no excuse for not giving it a go.

You can make this dish without the quinoa but it would just be an omelette with salmon. Still delicious, but the quinoa when fried gets a super crunchy texture and it is a perfect way to start the day.

Stovetop quinoa, salmon and egg tart

Serves 4-5


INGREDIENTS: ½ cup red quinoa, cooked until softened

2 tbs macadamia, virgin olive or sunflower oil

1 egg white mixed with either

3 tbs of milk or water

1 tbs chopped chives

1 tbs chopped parsley

4 eggs and the yolk left over

200g fillet of salmon sliced into thin slices

½ red onion, thinly sliced

A couple of handfuls of rocket

1 tbs of baby capers ( optional)

Zest of 1 lemon

2 tbs of lemon juice

1 tbs virgin olive oil

½ an avocado, sliced

Salt and pepper

Good quality aioli or natural mayonnaise


METHOD: Place a non-stick 23-24cm frying pan over a moderate to high heat and add in one tablespoon of olive oil.

Make sure that the cooked quinoa has been drained well, add the quinoa to the pan and leave it to cook for about two minutes. Stir it then leave it again.

Continue this until the quinoa is crunchy.

Meanwhile combine the egg white with the milk or water, season with salt and pepper and add the chives and parsley.

Remove the pan from the heat and allow the quinoa to cool slightly.

Combine the crunchy quinoa with the egg white mix and stir to combine.

Reheat the pan and drizzle in the remainder of the olive oil.

Spread out the quinoa and crack over the remainder of the eggs. Then lay the thin slices of salmon on top, cook the quinoa for about two minutes on high, drop the heat to medium, cover the pan with a lid and continue cooking until the eggs are just cooked to your liking and the salmon has turned a pale pink.

This will take about 10-15 minutes. Remove the lid and slide the tart onto a platter. Combine the ingredients for the salad and dress it to taste.

Top the tart with the sliced avocado, a couple of dollops of aioli or mayonnaise if you are using it, and then the rocket, capers and lemon zest salad. Dress it to taste with the lemon juice and olive oil.

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