POTTERING AROUND: Geoff Crispin with a batch of his latest pottery creations.
POTTERING AROUND: Geoff Crispin with a batch of his latest pottery creations.

Geoff's got the spot for pots

IF YOU are after a genuine piece of the Clarence as a Christmas gift, look no further than one of Geoff Crispin's pots.

The legendary Whiteman Creek potter uses many raw materials native to the Clarence in his pots.

Those ingredients have been crushed, ground, sieved and mixed to make clay bodies and glazes.

The clay is thrown on the wheel, slab formed and slip cast.

It's about as local and handmade as it gets.

This weekend Geoff will be all fired up and hosting his annual open studio and Christmas workshop sale.

With Geoff only firing up his large kiln once a year, his latest batch of creations will be fresh from the 'oven' and ready to go to new homes.

Geoff's ceramic works are collected by a number of public and private collections around Australia and internationally so gift recipients will be in good company.

This year the busy potter held a solo show in Brisbane at the Makers Gallery, as well as participating in a number of group shows in Sydney, including Woodfired Ceramics, Tableware and The Teapot Show.

Apart from shopping for a unique pot, Geoff's patrons are able to see what occurs in a ceramics studio every step of the way including the preparation of the locally sourced raw materials, the creation of pots, decorating, glazing, packing kilns and firing along with completed ceramics.

Geoff carves a lot of pots in the raw state before bisque firing, a low temperature firing in a gas kiln to allow easier handling of pots when glazing.

Other pots are decorated using brushwork over the applied glaze or the clay body.

After creating the pots they are stacked in a large wood fire kiln for about five days.

Wood is then added to bring the final temperature to about 1300C.

This takes a further 36-40 hours to complete his bespoke firing process.

Geoff's wood-fired porcelain creations interact with the flame path leaving a distinctive mark on unglazed surfaces.

Other pots feature blue and green celadon glazes. Chun, copper red, ash and white glazes are also combined with the carving fluting and scaffitto decoration he applies by hand.

Pots will be available for sale on Saturday and Sunday.

Signs will be in place at a number of points to help direct people to Geoff's pottery studio at Whiteman Creek 23km northwest of Grafton.

The pottery studio will be open from 10am-5pm on both days or by appointment by phoning 66449685 or 0437279436 or by email to geoff.crispin@gmail.com

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