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Living the life they’ve always wished for at Salamander Bay.
Living the life they’ve always wished for at Salamander Bay. Gateway Lifestyle

Gateway Lifestyle the perfect retirement at Salamander Bay

LIVING so close to the beautiful waters around Salamander Bay has never been so affordable at Salamander Bay by Gateway Lifestyle, just ask Roy!

Roy moved about 18 months ago from a three-story town house in Newcastle to his beautiful new home at Salamander Bay, and has never looked back.

"It was my stepdaughter who told me about this community," Roy explains. "I'd been looking at a preloved home in a community closer to Newcastle, but when I saw this place I knew it was the right choice for me."

Like many residents in Gateway Lifestyle communities across Australia, Roy loves the newfound financial freedom downsizing into a land lease community has given him.

"Within a month of moving in, I packed, locked the front door and headed off to Paris," Roy says. "It was my first overseas trip, and since then I've done a few more and have many more in the planning stages."

Gateway Lifestyle CEO Trent Ottawa says the organisation is finding that a significantly high proportion of residents, working or retired, are moving into their communities to free up capital.

"The quality in lifestyle and affordable cost sees many of our residents living the sort of life they'd always wished for," Mr Ottawa says.

"We have lots of residents that travel and appreciate that they can lock up and leave and feel secure in doing so."

Of course not everyone uses that financial freedom to travel internationally, when they have such a beautiful spot on their doorsteps.

Located on a picturesque peninsula in the stunningly beautiful Port Stephens region of NSW, Salamander Bay offers a lifestyle second-to-none. The region offers a temperate year-round climate, crystal clear waters and uncrowded white sandy beaches.

The final stage of 15 purpose-built homes is selling fast, with prices starting at $312,000 for a spacious two-bedroom home, and a number of three-bedroom options including the Endeavour and the Brewer still available.

Visit the team at Salamander Bay so they can show you why a Gateway Lifestyle community is the smart choice for over 50's living. Call Ros on 0415 169 959 for an appointment.

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