Submitted by Allison Ward
Submitted by Allison Ward

GALLERY: Ali's Cakes advice for decorators

DECORATING cakes is a risky business with lots of things that can go wrong.

Sometimes it takes years and of practice before you are a master of the craft.

But Allison Ward from Ali's Cakes in South Grafton has you covered for tips and advice about decorating cakes to help you along the way.

What do you think the biggest mistake is when they start out baking and decorating?

I don't really think there are mistakes as such, as long as you have a go then you are already succeeding.

What was the biggest learning curve you've had in your time decorating?

The biggest learning curve for me was being able to take criticism and understanding we cant always be perfect - there are times when we do have flops but you just have to dust yourself off and chalk it up to experience.

How long does the average cake take from beginning to end and what has been the biggest project you've worked on?

The average cake from start to finish - cooking to decorating takes about 4 hours. But the better you get the faster you can whip one up!

My biggest project has taken me 3 days, which was a big treasure chest filled with 40 years of memories.

If someone is looking to start decorating, where would you suggest they begin learning?

If someone is looking to start cake decorating there are a few options such as cake decorating classes, online classes, books, online tutorials.

How did you begin decorating cakes?

I became a foster mum of 4 children at the age of 23 and made them all a special birthday cake every year.

People always asked me to make cakes for them and told me I should take it up professionally but I never thought I would be good enough.

But in the end I just grabbed the bull by the horns and did it. I have enjoyed every moment of it so far.

What is the best piece of advice you could give someone starting out?

For anyone starting out, the best advice I could give would be to have fun with it. Cake decorating is an art and as long as you have the passion for it and enjoy it you will do well.

What has been your favourite creation ever?

I think my most favourite creation was my skull cake I made for a friends baby shower. Everybody loved it.

It was really unique and different and I love showing my individuality through my cakes.

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