Frog - Fraser Coast Organic Goodness, Celine Louie.
Frog - Fraser Coast Organic Goodness, Celine Louie. Valerie Horton

FRUIT AND VEG WATCH: How Debbie will impact your shopping

VEGETABLE and fruit prices are predicted to spike in the aftermath of ex-cyclone Debbie.

Frog Shop owner Celine Louie, a business that distributes organic fruit and vegetable products, said that the price rise would come after a difficult summer for growers.

"This summer's prices are some of the highest I have ever seen," she said.

"With the drought and no rain, a lot of the produce was either sunburnt or just did not grow.

"We do organic produce, and that is always affected the hardest as supplies simply become unavailable."

Farmers recently planted their winter crops and plenty were too young to withstand the intensity of Debbie.

"The rain is going to wipe out those crops and the crop is going to take a longer time growing because those seedlings are now gone," Ms Louie said.

Ms Louie predicts small leafy crops, pumpkins, zucchinis, tomatoes and bananas will be among the affected varieties.

"Bananas can take up to a year to recover," she said.

But even for the crops that were still in their spots after the cyclone, that does not guarantee their longevity.

"From all the rain, plants get diseases that come from them being waterlogged," Ms Louie said.

"Tomatoes can't be picked when they're wet, and if it's raining they have to be left on vines and ultimately are lost."

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