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Friday On My Mind

FRIDAY On My Mind.

Were you listening to this song by The Easybeats in 1966?

Do you agree they were Australia's answer to The Beatles?

During the summer of 1966-67 the song spent six weeks at No.1 on the national charts and in October 1966, it reached No.6 in the UK charts.


This song made The Easybeats the first Australian rock 'n' roll band to score an international pop hit.

The words reflected the vibrancy of 1960s and the birth of a youthful generation with a whole new way of looking at the world. Nevertheless, for many, the words are as relevant today as they were then.


Monday mornin' feels so bad

Ev'rybody seems to nag me

Comin' Tuesday I feel better

Even my old man looks good

Wed'sday just don't go

Thursday goes too slow

I've got Friday on my mind

Gonna have fun in the city

Be with my girl, she's so pretty

She looks fine tonight

She is out of sight to me

Tonight I'll spend my bread, tonight

I'll lose my head, tonight

I've got to get to night

Monday I'll have Friday on my mind

Do the five day grind once more

I know of nothin' else that bugs me

More than workin' for the rich man

Hey! I'll change that scene one day

Today I might be mad, tomorrow I'll be glad


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