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Seniors link together in free seminar

YOURLINK, together with partner Adssi HomeLiving Australia, will be running another FREE Tea and Technology for Seniors seminar next month.

'The seminar is a relaxed and informative event, and very hands on, with guests encouraged to bring their iPad, smartphone or tablet along' explained Richard Scenna from Your Link.

Seniors across NSW are embracing smart devices. This event creates a unique opportunity to have questions answered, share information and demystify technology.

Free wi-fi will be made available for the seminar, and guests will learn how to make the most of their device, including the support to download apps, as well as basic functions including sending and receiving an SMS or sharing a photo with family and friends.

Attendees will also learn more about YourLink, an award winning free app developed here in NSW for seniors to stay in touch with family, friends, services and the local community. YourLink is one of the few apps designed specifically for seniors, with information that's relevant and helpful, all in a design that is easy to use.


Monday 18th June, 2018

9.00am - 12.00pm (includes morning tea and coffee)

Ettalong 50+ Leisure and Learning Centre

Broken Bay Rd & Karingi St, Ettalong Beach NSW

Registrations essential. Contact Adssi HomeLiving Australia on 1300 578 478 or email

Guests do not need to own an iPad to benefit attending.

About YourLink:

The YourLink App is a Gold Award Winner at the 2016 [app] Design Awards and Finalist at the 2016 CeBIT Business Technology Awards.

The YourLink app is free and currently available on iPad only. Search for 'YourLink' in the App Store.

Visit to find out more.

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