Helen Wood (right) with a friend on a night out.
Helen Wood (right) with a friend on a night out.

Star ruined in sex worker’s tell-all book

ENGLISH football star Wayne Rooney romped with a sex worker in a hotel then showed the escort his wife Coleen's pregnancy scan, according to claims in a new book.

The former Manchester United striker is among a host of sport stars and celebrities bracing themselves for the release of ex-call girl Helen Wood's book Helen Wood: A Man's World at the end of May, The Sun reports.

The bombshell allegation a guilt-stricken Rooney cried on Wood's shoulder in a bathroom after revealing the image of one of his sons is set to devastate Coleen, her friends have told The Sun.

There is speculation a US version of the book may name a second United player who allegedly had a foursome involving Helen - and a well-known ­married actor who she claims hired her for sex. It is thought they will be identified in the States as its libel laws are less strict.

"This book will make for very uncomfortable reading - not just for Wayne and Coleen but also for others," a source told The Sun. "People who were Helen's clients when she was a call girl will be quaking in their boots."

Rooney is widely known to have romped with Helen, 32, and fellow sex worker Jenny Thompson on one occasion while Coleen was pregnant.

But Helen's book will insist she and Rooney had a string of other liaisons. "She claims Wayne saw her several times, not just the once, and in various places," the source said.

"She says he cried in an ensuite bathroom as he showed her the scan. Helen says he was wracked with guilt. He cried, as he realised the enormity of what he was doing. He begged her not to tell."

The book will also claim Rooney and his then United teammate Rio Ferdinand clashed angrily over the England striker's infidelity with Helen. Rio is said to have confronted Rooney at Manchester's Grosvenor Casino Soames after spotting him canoodling with Helen.

"The encounter with Rio really makes for quite dramatic reading," a source told The Sun. "Rio apparently knew what was going on and told Wayne in no uncertain terms he was being an idiot and should not be behaving that way, especially in public."

Helen Wood. Picture: Instagram / helenmwood86
Helen Wood. Picture: Instagram / helenmwood86

A friend of the Rooneys said: "Raking this up again will mean more pressure on the family. It's heartbreaking for Coleen that Wayne's past mistakes keep coming back to haunt them."

A pal of Coleen's added: "She's always been worried about whether there was more to come out about Wayne's behaviour."

The Rooney callgirl scandal erupted in September 2010 when Thompson said she had slept with the England striker seven times the previous year. Thompson, known as Juicy Jeni, said they had "anything goes" sex and Rooney once paid her $1,000.

Claims then emerged that Thompson had introduced Rooney to Wood and they had a threesome at Manchester's Lowry Hotel in July 2009. At the time Coleen was five months pregnant.

Mother-of-one Wood, who won Big Brother in 2014, has previously told how she romped with Rooney after Thompson texted him while they had lunch.

"He invited us to the Lowry and we all rushed over," she said. "We went into the bathroom and changed into some matching underwear. When we came out Wayne was watching football on TV.

"He was really warm and not at all arrogant. After he had sex with us you could tell he regretted it. He gave us both $1000 cash from his safe."

Helen Wood. Picture: Instagram / helenmwood86
Helen Wood. Picture: Instagram / helenmwood86

Wood's fresh claims that she hooked up with Rooney on a string of occasions will pile more pressure on the father-of-four's 10-year marriage. Coleen read DC United striker Rooney the riot act after The Sun on Sunday told in February how he chatted intimately to a barmaid on a Florida bender.

It came 18 months after he was arrested for drink-driving at the wheel of party girl Laura Simpson's VW car during a night out. But the Rooneys are not the only ones likely to be embarrassed by Helen's book, which is with SJH Publishing.

The US version could spill the beans on an alleged liaison with an actor who is well known on both sides of the Atlantic. Wood, who used to work for Melissa Jones Escorts in Manchester, claims he hired her via a website in 2010. He is said to have paid $195 for a hotel romp.

"He didn't know what to do with me," Wood said in a previous interview. "He started patting my shoulder like I was a pet dog. He wanted us to switch roles and let me dominate him. And he enjoyed me using a sex toy on him. I had no idea he was married."

A cover of Helen Wood's book.
A cover of Helen Wood's book.

The TV star won a High Court super-injunction in 2011 to stop anyone identifying him in the UK. "The main character Helen talks about is the well-known A-list actor. But other less-famous stars are also in the mix, including of course several footballers," the source said.

"The book is going through the legal process so certain aspects could be cut out. But it is definitely the American edition that could strike fear into some of those who got involved with Helen."

Wood told in 2011 how another, unnamed, Manchester United star hired her for a foursome.

"It was always a foursome with the player, his aide and two of us girls," Wood said. "The player never discussed money with us. There'd be $1,200 in the bathroom cabinet to split between us."

Wood, who has also worked as a sex and relationship col­umnist, claims to have romped with four Premier League players in total. She also claims to have bedded three high-profile actors, a judge and a senior politician.

Others who paid for her services are alleged to include a senior policeman, a pilot and a visiting foreign dignitary. The high-ranking policeman is said to have enjoyed "humiliating" prostitutes.

Wood, raised by devout Catholic parents, will also tell in her book of the debt and abuse that drove her to prostitution. As a teenager she got involved with drugs along with school friend Thompson and was pregnant at 15. She turned to prostitution after losing her job and running up debts.

Thompson had signed with an escort agency and got Wood work there as well. Publishing sources said Wood is likely to make a six-figure sum from her book.

This article was originally published by The Sun and reproduced with permission

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