Force people to improve their health


WITH our health system costing taxpayers a massive amount of money, isn't it time our government thought outside the square?

For example, we have an obesity epidemic here in Australia and yet no one gets tough on people to pressure them to lose weight so their health improves.

Here is one idea.

In France, it is now illegal for restaurants etc to have free refills from self-service soft-drink fountains.

The move is aimed at fighting obesity.

The ban is part of a sweeping public-health law passed a year ago.

Another idea: encourage airlines to charge extra for people who are obese.

Unless it hurts their own pockets, people will not care about losing weight and I, for one, am fed up with paying for excess luggage when the person next to me weighs double what I weigh.

How can that be right?

Also, I am a firm believer in a sugar tax on soft drinks only. If you ever go to the supermarket, you will see the cartons of soft drinks in the trollies of obese people.

Once again, it must hurt their pocket before they will change their ways.



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