My Kitchen Rules judge Colin Fassnidge.
My Kitchen Rules judge Colin Fassnidge. Channel 7

Fisticuffs at the dinner table on My Kitchen Rules?

COLIN Fassnidge can laugh about it now, but he nearly got 'physical' with an unhappy team on My Kitchen Rules.

The Irish-born chef, who judges and mentors six teams in the reality show's third round of instant restaurants, told News Regional Media one unhappy team was ready to have a go at him.

"My group was one of the best I've had in years," Colin said.

"There was one group (where) we argued. It got quite physical nearly. I was calling for help, (saying) get me out of here."

Luckily things didn't get that physical for Pete Evans and Manu Feildel in the first two rounds of instant restaurants.

Sure there's the highly-promoted 'angry, angry man' Tyson, but his aggression is likely to be more bluster than anything else.

He recently told the Sunday Mail Manu pulled him aside for a quiet word about his short temper.

Instead, a potential romance will blossom in the first round between Bek, from Perth, and Kyle, from Adelaide.

After much flirting across the dinner table, and pressure from their fellow teams, viewers will see the contestants briefly lock lips.

"We weren't there and we didn't find out until further down the track, but if you put a bunch of people together there will always be a bit of romance I suppose," Manu said.

"It's like the Christmas party at the office."

And what's the hot trend food-wise on MKR this year? Pickling, according to the judges.

"Oh my god, everyone's doing pickles on every plate all season," Manu said.

"Some people pickle some desserts; it's been interesting.

"Pickling is all about bringing acidity and texture to a dish, and some colour as well. It goes with some dishes but not all of them."

The new season of My Kitchen Rules premieres on Monday at 7.30pm on Channel 7.

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