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Movie review: Finding Your Feet

THERE'S only a few movies I recall when the end is met with applause (for all the right reasons). 'Finding Your Feet' is one of them.

This is a feel-good movie, along the lines of 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' and indeed features Celia Imrie, (who played Madge Hardcastle in that movie) along with an acclaimed British cast of mature-aged actors including Imelda Staunton, Timothy Spall, David Hayman, John Sessions and Joanna Lumley.

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This heart-warming comedy winds through heartbreak, romance, death, friendships, retirement and identity crisis, portrayed through a quirky bunch of characters who have bonded at a community dance class. Bif, a free-spirited, pot-smoking independent woman played by Imrie, is the sister of Sandra (Staunton), who plays a stiff-lipped, wealthy, conservative married woman. 

However, just as Sandra's husband is knighted and their retirement is about to begin, the uptight husband leaves for another woman. Sandra, seeking support, flees her upper-class Edwardian home to stay with Bif in her council flat in East London, and it is from this bohemian abode the adventure begins.

While dance is at its centre and features some great moments, particularly the Flash Mob at Piccadilly Circus, another element is added through inspiring scenery of London city, swimming in Hampstead Ponds, houseboats on the Thames and the beauty of Rome. These wonderful local shots all contribute to a deeper engagement for the audience.

In the end this is a movie about people of a certain age just getting on with life.
In the end this is a movie about people of a certain age just getting on with life. Entertainment One and Roadside Attractions

In the end this is a movie about people of a certain age just getting on with life, gently told about the insights, calamities and joy that are more likely to befall one at a later stage of life.

Sixty-two-year-old Staunton's described her feelings about her role in the movie, which also offers some insight into the direction of the movie.

"It's nice to play a part where I'm my own age, and it's nice to see that people over a certain age do have a life, they do have heartbreak and they do have humour and they do have a future," she said.

"We've got the richness of people who have had a life, but who can also have more happening in their own lives as they go on."

'Finding Your Feet' opens in cinemas on February 22.

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