Elsie, standing next to her Fall Buddy, is 93 years old and lives alone.
Elsie, standing next to her Fall Buddy, is 93 years old and lives alone.

Fall Buddy can alert people about more than just tumbles

AS A young man, inventor Barry Sheridan experienced the devastating effects of a loved one falling at home and remaining undiscovered for some time.

The trauma led to the setting up of his company, Seniors Wellbeing Australia, in 2010.

He realised that pendants have to be worn all the time to be useful.

What he wanted was an independent machine that could detect when the client had a fall and notify somebody close by without the client having to wear or do anything - zero wear technology.

Fall Buddy was born. And like any baby, Fall Buddy has developed over time.

Unlike a baby, Fall Buddy has shrunk in size, to now resemble a clock radio, while expanding its many uses.

A number of movement sensors are placed in the home and whenever they detect activity, they tell Fall Buddy that all is well.

If no movement is detected for a set period of time, Fall Buddy will automatically go into emergency mode.

First, it will ask the person if they are okay.

If there is no response, Fall Buddy will start to phone up to six numbers of family, friends or carers and ask them to come and deliver assistance.

Recently Barry has introduced Zero Wear Dementia Mode.

As well as detecting falls, this new model, detects if the client leaves home.

Fall Buddy allows family and guests to come and go at will, but it zeroes in if the client departs.

Fall Buddy can also tell clients when to take their medications, and where to find them.

It monitors temperatures in the house and if it gets too cold or too hot, it will notify someone to come and remedy the situation.

It is similarly designed to call for help if it detects the presence of smoke or water in the house.

Fall Buddy also keeps a log of activity in the house.

If family or friends are concerned their loved one is not coping, they can download this report onto a USB memory stick to monitor trips to the fridge or medicine cupboard, confirming that meals and tablets are taken on time

It can also show the number of trips to the toilet at night and other daily activities, without the client being aware of being monitored.

Best of all, Fall Buddy's messages can be made by a familiar family voice in any language to reassure the client, instead of an inhuman, electronic recording.

Fall Buddy is made right here in Queensland. Barry said, "This way, we're giving jobs to Aussies."

Best of all, once installed, there are no ongoing fees. Once bought, you and Fall Buddy are set for life!

For more information, contact Seniors Wellbeing Australia Pty Ltd on 1300 602 100, go to http://www.Fallbuddy.com.au or write to PO Box 711, Cooroy, 4563.

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