Arthur Jones draws inspiration for his writing from the UK and South Wales.
Arthur Jones draws inspiration for his writing from the UK and South Wales. Yvonne Gardiner

Ex-miner digs up the past in murder mystery

AS A truck driver, Arthur Ivor Jones put his time on the road to good use - he composed poetry.

Arthur's way with words has developed over the years into a time-consuming obsession, and the Gold Coast retiree has just finished his third book of fiction, Harvest.

This murder mystery is set in Herefordshire, in the United Kingdom, in the 1950s.

Much of Arthur's inspiration is drawn from his time in England and his birthplace, south Wales.

In his book Harvest, young farmhand John and his gypsy sweetheart Beth are looking forward to a summer of love.

The childhood friends have finally discovered their feelings for each other. But the gypsies have their own views about their leader's daughter being romanced by an outsider.

Their story is also complicated by someone else who had hoped to claim Beth's heart.

It's a tale of first love, tragedy and revenge, according to Arthur.

As a teenager, Arthur was interested in being a farmer.

When his father died, leaving Arthur as the eldest of the Jones' siblings still at home, the 15-year-old was coaxed into coal mining.

"I was told, 'if you work in the mine, you can get free coal for your Mam and earn some wages',” he said.

After 26 years in the mines, Arthur brought his wife and son to Australia where he became a truck driver.

Six years ago, after retirement, Arthur joined a writing group at Burleigh, the Talespinners.

"I started to have ideas for stories,” he said. "I took stories that I'd written to the group. They advised me on what to do.”

Arthur's first book containing two stories, Bear Mountain and The Asian Connection, was published in 2012.

"My second book, A Long Way Back, was more or less about when my wife was taken ill and what we went through for a while,” he said.

"Writing started off as a hobby. I won't make any money out of it. I only get about $4 for each copy that's sold.

"It's more-or-less achieving something.

"I've also written on the computer my own story. It's just there for the grandchildren to read.”

Arthur's ideas for his fourth book are also well advanced.

His latest book, Harvest, is available from or at

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