Assisted dying legislation is being introduced in Victoria in the new year.
Assisted dying legislation is being introduced in Victoria in the new year. Algimante Stasiuniene

Euthanasia laws are on the cards down south - how about Qld?

UPDATE: The Fraser Coast's Federal Members have weighed in on the euthanasia debate.

Member for Wide Bay Llew O'Brien said he did not support a change in the law.

"While I have great empathy with some aspects of the concept of euthanasia, at this point in time I do not support a change in the law," he said

"As this is a matter for the States, I haven't consulted with constituents on the matter. 

"I am not aware of any euthanasia proposals that can appropriately handle all the potential difficulties, such as that of a child with a terminal illnesses, or defining suffering whilst not being terminally ill.

"We need to focus on achieving the highest levels of palliative care to alleviate the suffering of people with terminal illness.

"I am not aware of any particular proposals to introduce euthanasia, however any change would be a matter for the Queensland Government as it would require amendments to the Criminal Code."

Member for Hinkler Keith Pitt said the issue was not a priority for the region.

"Euthanasia is a sensitive and complex issue. Community members understandably have strong views about dying with dignity and with minimal pain," he said

"The underlying principle of the Coalition Government's investment in health services is quality of life, and this includes during end of life care.

"People should have access to quality palliative care and relief from pain and suffering. They should be able to choose the extent of active medical treatment they receive.

"However, euthanasia is not an issue which has been raised by the constituents of Hinkler as a priority.

"People are concerned about job creation and building a strong regional economy, which is where my focus is."

EARLIER: Victorian Government is looking to introduce assisted dying laws next year, but what about Queensland?

According to a spokesman from the Queensland Government, there are no plans to introduce voluntary euthanasia laws to the parliament in the new years.

This is despite the fact that in a poll conducted by Vote Compass last year, more than 75% of Queensland agreed that people with a terminal illness should be allowed to legally end their lives with medical assistance.

Currently, no state in Australia allows assisted dying, with legislation introduced in Tasmania narrowly defeated in 2013 and the Northern Territory's voluntary euthanasia laws overturned by the Federal Government in 1997.

Should euthanasia be allowed in Queensland?

This poll ended on 19 December 2016.

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In a statement, the Victorian Government said the legislation would allow adults with decision making capacity who are at the end of their lives and suffering from a terminal illness to end their lives.

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