BOUNDARIES: Turn off the power at night.
BOUNDARIES: Turn off the power at night. Creatas Images

Embracing technology outside of the bedroom

SENIORS who embrace technology are to be applauded. Keeping up with all things new not only assists us to get through life with less struggle but keeps our brains working as well.

However, the downside to technology for the senior citizen who loves a good night's sleep is - how to switch off?

According to Shannah Kennedy and Lyndall Mitchell, life coaches and authors of Chaos to Calm, we should all be switched off at least an hour before bedtime and never take technology into the bedroom.

"Create boundaries," Lyndall Mitchell said.

"Start and end the day (with your devices).

"Have a time when you check in and another time when you check out. That's it.

"We need an hour (before bed) with no screens or devices in order to give our brains the space it needs to unwind from activities.

"Sitting on an iPad in bed, then trying to go straight to sleep is impossible. It fires the brain up.

While most seniors love their brains to be fired up, we get what Lyndall means. A good night's sleep is difficult enough for the person over the age of 50 so everything we can do to help us make it through the night is a positive.

"At night put your device away in a drawer, never take it into the bedroom. That is a scared place to sleep in."

In their book Chaos to Calm, Lyndall and her co-author Shannah Kennedy also give good advice on de-cluttering the mind, reaching our potential, achieving goals and - something seniors are reluctant to do - making ourselves a priority.

"Surround yourselves with things that inspire you," Lyndall said.

"Not just material things but the environment, nature.

"Put yourself in it, go places that make you feel good. If you love going to beach why not go every day?

"It's about reflecting and making yourself a priority no matter what stage of life you are in."

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