What's your plan? Dying To Know Day

Dying to know how to break taboo of talking death?

ARE YOU dying to know how to break the taboo of talking about death?

It's the question that has sparked a national day to "bring to life" conversation around end-of-life care, death, and bereavement - Dying To Know Day (DTKD).

"Dying To Know Day is a great opportunity to be able to talk about death," DTKD spokesperson Amy Sagar told Seniors News.

"Often people have a lot of questions and they just don't really know where to ask them or they feel weird having the conversation and don't want to appear morbid.

"But if we create this environment, where that conversation can happen in a really organic, normal way then people are actually quite willing to join in."

DTKD, traditionally held on August 8, seeks to encourage people and communities to hold events across the last month of winter.

And Mrs Sagar, who has hosted events in her role as director of not-for-profit community-based funeral service Tender Funerals, said events can be as "simple or as complex as people like".

"Essentially, anyone can host an event," she said. "It might be in the form of participating or hosting an event where they will just somehow bring in conversation around death.

"So an example might be doing a tour of a local funeral home, or a tour of a crematorium, or just getting together with friends."

Mrs Sagar said she was astounded by the reaction from people participating, noting the day helped people become informed about their own end-of-life decisions.

However, she did say there was one problem with the events - once the conversation started, it was almost impossible to stop!

"(DTKD starts) a discussion around what our wishes are for end-of-life care, or for our funeral so that when the time comes we already know what we want," she said.

"In fact it's sometimes quite hard to be like 'okay conversation is over' because people are so interested in talking about it.  

"They just don't want to be the one to bring it up."

For more information of DKTD, or to find an event closest to you or perhaps even host your own event, visit the website www.dyingtoknowday.org

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