Doonan resident Marshall Styles was struck on the forehead by a python after returning home on Saturday night.
Doonan resident Marshall Styles was struck on the forehead by a python after returning home on Saturday night. Contributed

Man cops python bite to the head

COMING home late on Saturday night, the last thing Marshall Styles expected was to cop a python bite to the head.

The Doonan resident said the two-metre long snake was perched above his front door, calmly digesting a meal, when he and his wife arrived home after going out to dinner and struck him on the forehead.

"Next thing I know, smack, this thing hits me in the head," he said.

"I pulled backwards and a snake fell down into my arms and onto the ground in front of me.

"It must have just eaten something, because there was a bulge in its stomach and it was pretty slow moving off.

"At its thickest point, it was probably about as thick as my wrist."

Once determining the snake wasn't venomous and allowing it to slither off into the night, Mr Styles said he came inside to apply iodine to his wound and to self-medicate with a glass of wine.

"I sort of came inside and went 'wow, that was pretty unusual'," he said.

"(My wife) was freaking out a bit but I was alright.

"I could feel the pain a little from the teeth but because the skin is so thin there it didn't really penetrate much."

While it was the first time he'd had an incident, Mr Styles said snakes were a common sight around his place.

"We've seen some three-to-four metre one before that hang around the property," he said.

"But never at the front door and never attacking me like this one which went out of its way to attack."

Despite the attack, the laid-back joker maintains an easy-going attitude towards the creatures.

"This morning I got my fake snake out of the drawer and set it down by (my wife) - she nearly jumped out of her skin," he laughed.

"I lot of friends have been asking what I did with it, whether I chopped its head off or something, but I'd never kill a snake, especially a python.

"I think they're a great animal to have around and keep the rodents out.

"We have to live in their area with them, and OK, I was attacked but I don't feel any malice towards snakes.

"I'm just glad it was a python and not a brown snake."

Residents and visitors have been advised to be alert for snakes, particularly the venomous eastern brown snake which has been sighted across the Sunshine Coast region this spring.

Most bites are received by people trying to catch or kill snakes, and any troubles ought to be resolved by contacting a licensed snake catcher.

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