Dogs Queensland pays tribute to Aussie breeds Australia Day

Dogs Queensland, the leading authority on pure bred dogs, is paying tribute to the real Aussie dogs this Australia Day.

Bred to work hard and help the early settlers manage the tough conditions 'Down Under', modern day has seen these Aussie dogs also become great family pets.

Just eight of over 200 dog breeds in Queensland are officially authorised by the Australian National Kennel Council as having been developed and bred in Australia, and thus able to carry the title of a true Australian dog.

Dogs Queensland General Manager, Rob Harrison, encourages all Queenslanders to remember the canines celebrating this Australia Day and the footprint Australia has put on the canine world.

"These dogs are an important part of Australian history and helped shape the country, especially in rural areas," Rob said. The Australian Cattle Dog The Australian Cattle Dog is perhaps the most-recognisable local breed and was originally developed for droving cattle.

Often nicknamed the "Blue or Red Heeler," these dogs are very hard-working and hold strong protective instincts which make them perfectly suited guardians to their owner and their herd.

The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog The Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog was bred selectively for cattlemen as a working dog and is a result of crossing three different breeds: The Dingo, the Smithfield and the Collie. Nicknamed the 'Stumpy', this dog is devoted to withstanding Australia's harsh environment.

The Australian Kelpie The Australian Kelpie is one of Australia's most popular and successful working dogs that needs a lot of exercise and prefers to keep busy with jobs including herding livestock such as sheep, goats, cattle and even ducks.

Australian Terrier Bred from terriers, these small dogs were originally used for hunting small animals and snakes. Australian Terriers often require strict training but they do thrive off human praise and make excellent guardians. Nowadays, they are often used in agility trials and are well suited to be watchdogs.

Australian Silky Terrier Initially nicknamed the 'Sydney Silky', the Australian Silky Terrier was bred to kill rodents in the nineteenth century. They are energetic small dogs that, when given the opportunity to exercise daily, can make wonderful house pets to busy families.

Tenterfield Terrier Brought to Australia by the early settlers to help hunt rabbits, rats and foxes, the Tenterfield Terrier was established in Australia as a working terrier. These dogs are small but strong and are ideal family companions.

The Australian Border Collie Bred to herd cattle and sheep, Border Collies have a great deal of stamina and drive which make them great herding dogs over long distances and across harsh terrain. They are still used today by farmers to work their livestock.

Jack Russell Terriers The Jack Russell Terrier was developed by Australian working men in the nineteenth century to hunt foxes. Their heritage as a hunting dog makes them excellent exercise companions and affectionate playmates to their owners.

Dogs Queensland is also sending a timely reminder to all dog owners that not everything we love about Australia Day is suitable for canines. "It's best to keep an eye on dogs around the barbecue to ensure they don't eat something they shouldn't, such as onions," Rob said. "For some dogs the pool can be a threat, or an overenthusiastic game of cricket. And we all have to be mindful that fireworks can startle some dogs so it is best to keep them close."

Dogs Queensland promotes the general improvement of the standard, breeding and exhibition of pure bred registered dogs in the state. It has the responsibility of administering Pure Breed Dogs and Dog Breeders, and is an authority on canine control. Further information is available at

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