LETTER: My commitment as your Division 8 candidate

MY NAME is Adriana Adamska-Bland and I'm running for Council in the next election. I will be contesting Division 8 - the area where I live, work and raise my family of two boys. I am a 36-year-old IT project manager.

I am very committed to engagement with the community and to ensuring that people have an opportunity to participate and have their say on issues that affect them. Local people must have a sense of ownership over their lives and their local natural and built environment. The foundation of healthy communities lies in their empowerment.

If elected, I will also focus on:

 Promoting child health, safety and development through community initiatives;

 Increased transparency about how the funds collected through rates are actually used;

 Ensuring environmental sustainability, both through management of waste and the use of innovative technology;

 Promotion of local businesses through the building of leveraged partnerships.

To achieve sustainable development we must consider a long-term view and look beyond economic progress. Development should be thought of as development of our communities, not just buildings and new estates. We must think of improvements in the quality of our lives.

The reason I am asking for your support is because I have always known that with privilege comes responsibility. I have been given the great privilege of living in this community and that is why I feel I must give back to the community and serve you the local people with my determination to get things done, my enthusiasm, my hard work and my passion.

I stand on strong Christian values to guide my decisions and my life. I promise to stay true to the Australian way of life and to protect our Sunshine Coast's future. I will stay true to myself and remain open-minded.


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