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Ditch the fad diets and develop a new lifestyle

IT SEEMS every day of every week there is someone talking about or talking up diets and weight loss, so when the Interval Weight Loss book hit the stands last week there was a potential for a ho-hum reaction.

However, in delving into the detail of the Dr Nick Fuller's offering on how to lose weight and keep it off, there is a lot about the plan that makes sense.

Ditch the word diet

Dr Fuller wants us to start by adopting his emphatic statement that all diets, regardless of what they are, simply don't work.

"They are unhealthy, unrealistic and often dangerous for our health," Dr Fuller said.

"We can lose weight on any of these diets, but we always end back where we started; we regain that weight and redefine the set point."

Set Points

Our body is tuned into a set weight point, that is, a weight the body feels most comfortable at.

To prevent our body weight from bouncing back to where it started pre-diet, Dr Fuller wants us to gradually reprogram our body by tricking it to accept what he terms, set points.

How to change

To get our body to establish a new set point, we need follow a holistic program which allows for a slow decrease in weight.

Over a period of months Dr Fuller recommends a person target about one to two kilos in a month, then spend the following month stabilising that loss and allowing our body to redefining the set point, before spending the following month working on losing the same amount of weight, then spending another month stabilising, and so on.

There is no fasting involved in the plan, only small changes to what we eat, how much activity we do and how much sleep we get, and closely monitoring our weight.

By continually redefining the set point and by gradually losing weight, Dr Fuller argues we can keep it off forever.

Dr Fuller is confident the plan can work for any age or weight. For those who want or need to reduce a significant amount of weight, they then just need to follow the plan for longer.

Why now?

"It's a culmination of research over many years that now offers a realistic solution to people that they can follow in a fun, safe and effective way to reprogram their body and keep the weight off," the obesity specialist said.

"It offers a sensible and scientifically based approach that everyone can follow."

Where to start?

The first step is to buy the Interval Weight Loss book, read the detail then get your scales working.

"Dieting will get weight loss, but you are going to put the weight back on whereas interval weight loss will help you lose weight and keep it off," Dr Fuller added.

For more information on the Interval Weight Loss plan, go to

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