NOT HAPPY JAM: People in rural and remote areas are angry after Devondale discontinued its long-life cream.
NOT HAPPY JAM: People in rural and remote areas are angry after Devondale discontinued its long-life cream. iStock

Discontinued cream still causing a stir for rural cooks

DEVONDALE'S discontinuation of its long-life cream has whipped up anger around the country.

The Rural Weekly broke the news of the product being discontinued from Devondale's product range in February.

The long-life variety of cream is sometimes the only option for people living in rural and remote Australia. That's the case for outback cook Raqual Humphries.

She has more than two decades of experience and is currently working for a contracting shearers crew in Cunnamulla in south-west Queensland.

A Devondale spokesman said the cream was discontinued to "improve the commercial performance" of their product range.

"We understand this news is disappointing for our loyal customers, particularly those who live in or visit remote areas and require long-life products," he said.

Ms Humphries agreed the news has left a sour taste in the mouths of rural cooks around Australia.

"I used it for things such as scones, cakes and pavlova," she said.

"But you could use it in cooking for beef stroganoff, soups and sauces.

"You can use other products but it just doesn't give it the same creaminess."

Before she became a shearers cook three years ago, Ms Humphries had worked on cattle stations around Australia.

"All the cattle stations always had the cream in their store rooms or fridges. It was such a handy product," she said.

"In remote areas the fresh cream just doesn't last. You can freeze it so it does, but it doesn't come back to the same stage... it (freezing) doesn't treat it well."

The discontinuation of the product has stirred many conversations on social media as people discuss alternatives to what had become a staple product.

"Nestle do a cream in a tin, but it is very hard to whip," Ms Humphries said.

"There's also Anchor cooking cream, and apparently if it is chilled properly it will whip... but I've never been able to get it to whip.

"There is a one-litre UHT cream from Western Australia from a brand called Harvey Fresh. The only problem is, it's hard to get as they only sell to distributors."

Like many others, Ms Humphries doesn't understand why Devondale chose to discontinue the product.

"No one can understand why they thought it was a good idea. Someone in the city probably didn't look at the numbers and see how popular it was."

Devondale declined to comment on the product making a return in the future.

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