Dear Older Generations: The video dividing the internet

NOTHING stokes the battle of the generations quite like the travel versus house and career debate.

Millennials are often cast as frivolous and selfish for choosing to globetrot over settling down in a job and home, while Baby Boomers are often cast as narrow-minded and conservative for doing the opposite.

And in a new video, Dear Older Generations, this bear has certainly been poked.

The clip, posted to Global Degree's Facebook page - a web series that follows a group of young people as they attempt to travel to 129 countries before they are 30 - was posted as a "message to the older generations from millennial travellers" and it has caused some serious backlash online.

"Dear Older Generations," the video starts.

"We can see there's a bit of confusion to what us millennial travellers are all about. So here's a message to you that may help."

It then sarcastically apologises on behalf of millennials for not wanting the same things in life as their parents.

"Sorry for being unable to sit still in an office. The cubicle is a wooden box," the narrator of the video says to the backdrop of incredible travel footage and images.

"Sorry for not buying into the whole society expectation of a mortgage, a family and kids.

"You may call these desires selfish, but we believe that being in a relationship or raising kids while regretting not doing all these things is also selfish."

Unsurprisingly, this hasn't gone down well with its intended audience on social media, who took it as a pretty big dig at their life and achievements.

"It's attacking respectable lifestyles which are different from their own, which is ironic considering the whole point of the video," one commenter wrote on Facebook.

"Just because I am over 60 doesn't mean I judge people by their lifestyle, education, politics, religion, appearance or age, etc. - unlike the narrator who seems to be judging so much about me," another commenter wrote.

"Just because I am over 60 doesn't mean I haven't travelled and don't appreciate the benefits of travel or the experiences it brings ... Please have an open mind about the person inside the ageing body, what they have done, what their beliefs are, what their lifestyle is and has been and what their aspirations are for their remaining years."

Others hit back, saying the only reason millennials have the opportunity to travel is because of the hard work and sacrifice of their parents.

"It's the people who sit in the wooden boxes that give you all these opportunities. It's the people who go to work every morning, have a mortgage, a family and kids that build the tools 'at your fingertips'.

"It's the people who 'merely exist' that make sure that your flights take you to where ever you want go. It's the people who choose to go and pay $30,000 to sit in a boring lecture halls that go on to become doctors, engineers, and scientists."

Some millennials even felt the urge to apologise for the video.

"I am sorry. I am a millennial but this video certainly doesn't represent me ... I put high value on education and I take pride in working inside a wooden box that earns me a decent living," one wrote.

"We are not all the same. We are not more special than others. We are not the superheroes of the would saving all the other 'less gifted' generations," another wrote.

Global Degree has since apologised on their Facebook page, saying it has been a "learning experience".

"We wanted to take this moment to say how much of a learning experience this past week has been. Everyone has the freedom to make their own decisions and live their own lives regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, or location," the company wrote.

"So older generations, we wanted to take this moment to say 'thank you'."

With the apology, they published a response video, Dear Younger Generations.

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