DAN’S STORY: Daniel Coorey struggled with drug use.
DAN’S STORY: Daniel Coorey struggled with drug use. Contributed

Teen's letter about drug struggle before taking his own life

Daniel Coorey wrote a letter on his struggle with drugs before taking his own life nine years ago. 

I'VE got a lot of regrets with life in general and if I could go back and change things, I'd change a few.

If I had the choice to be anyone else in the world, rich or famous, I'd still be me because I've got a great family, great mates and a good job.

My plan is to teach kids to not make the same mistakes me and my friends made.

See, when you get into drugs you don't even realise it slowly changes the person.

I know because it happened to me.

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People start to steal to get it and friends aren't friends for long.

They lie and try to deceive you and steal from you.

You live and learn but its best not to do drugs in the first place and avoid it all together.

Life is just so much clearer, the quality of your life is just so much better.

After starting drugs I got expelled from high school.

I started a TAFE course in Information Technology and I was doing certificate II.

I was a really good student in class and I wanted to get a job in IT.

The first module was operating a general computer.

I blitzed it.

I was really smart but as I was smoking I couldn't perform to the best of my ability or know what my full potential could be if I was drug free.

You don't even realize what it's doing to you and some people never do.

After I hit the adult world I changed and made a lot of bad decisions with drugs and life itself.

At the age of 15-17, I was supposed to be learning but when a young mind is taking in so much of the drug, you cant learn, you forget, get easily distracted, lose track of what your doing and after a while you just really don't care.

I was a bright kid and I had only been smoking for not even a year and my interest in everything I loved disappeared.

By doing these things all of my hopes and dreams just dripped down the drain.

If it happened to me it could happen to anyone.

But I didn't care.

I didn't want to do it and all I ended up doing was smoking heaps of pot.

It turned me into something I wasn't, it had taken over me and I still didn't even see it and it was right in front of my eyes.

Looking back, it was unbelievable that something as simple as weed could do this to me.

I thought I was six feet tall and bullet proof.

It was taking my dreams and hopes away in front of me and I just didn't care.

After I left my TAFE IT course I enrolled back into school.

I even got off drugs for a while and I started to excel at IT once again.

I got set up with a job working for the council at the age of 16.

The job involved networking the council's computers and the pay was absolutely brilliant.

But for some reason I started getting stoned at school.

Every day before school, that's how it started.

The job opportunity of a lifetime left, the last plane had gone and I missed it.

My grades started to drop in all my subjects.

I started to develop schizophrenia and I started to hear voices in my head.

I didn't understand what they were.

It first started when I was at school and I was sitting at the table with my mates.

These things started falling in front of my eyes.

They were like little see through spirals and hairs

I just ignored them.

If I knew then what I know now I would have stopped the weed instantly.

Little did I know I was about to embark on a journey through insanity.

So it began, I was smoking weed before school behind a building, through a pipe.

I got smashed as and then in classes, instead of doing the work I'd just chill and have fun.

I'd draw scare crows with signs saying' "No Feeding birds" and I'd just draw crazy stuff.

My marks went from As to Cs then to failing.

I was so smashed I just didn't care, I just kept doodling away and that was just in art.

My grades in my other subjects went down too.

I was having trouble concentrating; I didn't want to work any more.

I just stopped doing my homework and that drove my grades into the ground.

But I didn't even notice.

The drug was now using me instead of me using it.

I wasn't even using any bad drugs, it was just weed right?


Look what it was doing to me and I didn't even notice or even care.

Just imagine if I was using heavy drugs.

I believe if you just have to try drugs, do it after you graduate or better yet don't do them at all.

They change who you are and for the worse.

I went from As and Bs to Ds and Es and then I didn't even graduate.

I left school to go smoke pot with my friends.

I started Grade 12 and then left about a month into it and never went back.

How sad was I.

I wish I did cause if I did, it would have opened up more opportunities.

If I never started weed while at school it would of opened up even better jobs and big money.

I believe if I had never started drugs while at school, I would have gone further and would have fulfilled all of my hopes and dreams.

It's sad, it really is.

It's like a horror movie that's real and it plays for life - your life.

At the time you don't see what happens long term, and if you do you really just don't care.

By then the drug has consumed you.

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