Farrenkothen, who now goes by her maiden name, Dunlop. Source: The Courier Mail.
Farrenkothen, who now goes by her maiden name, Dunlop. Source: The Courier Mail. The Courier Mail

REASONS REVEALED: A judge explains why Dunlop can go free

A SUPREME Court judge has explained why he refused the Attorney-General's application to supervise a notorious Gladstone sex offender when she is released.

Justice David Jackson on Monday ruled Jan-Maree Dunlop was not a serious risk to the community and on Tuesday released his reasons for the ruling.

Dunlop, then going by the name Jan-Maree Farrenkothen, helped her then husband Jurgen "Terry" Farrenkothen rape two girls in Gladstone in 2002.

Justice Jackson told a Brisbane court that forensic psychiatrist Dr Michael Beech found Dunlop did not suffer from a sexual paraphilia disorder, but had been diagnosed as having a dependent personality.

Dr Beech found Dunlop committed the crimes due to her dependency issues. He said the risk of Dunlop committing another sexual crime was as low as 1-3%.

Justice Jackson said he did not believe lawyers for the Attorney-General had proven Dunlop was a "serious danger to the community" that required strict supervision.

"Notwithstanding the extremely serious nature of the offending and the understandable concern that has caused the (Attorney-General) to bring this application, in my view, the analysis of the circumstances which led Dr Beech to reason that the respondent's risk of reoffending is so low ultimately supports the conclusion that there are not reasonable grounds for believing that the respondent is a serious danger to the community in the absence of a (supervision) order," Justice Jackson said.

"I think it is important that the risk presented by the respondent is not of the same kind as the risk presented by many sexual predators who have or may have ongoing paraphilias."

When the parole board grants Dunlop's release, she will be subject to standard parole conditions. - ARM NEWSDESK

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