Man who punched cop in head had just lost his sister

JADE Bevan inexplicably lost his cool and battered a police officer with a flurry of violent punches to the head.

Yesterday his barrister Tom Polley struggled to give a reason for the outburst of violence because 23-year-old Bevan had never acted like that before.

Gladstone Magistrates Court heard that Bevan believed he was not seriously drunk despite drinking six gins and juice, and two Smirnoffs prior to the assaults.

However, Bevan pleaded guilty to serious assault of a police constable while adversely affected by alcohol in a public place at 3am on July 4, serious assault of an officer, and failing to leave licensed premises.

Magistrate Jeffrey Clarke called it "loutish violent behaviour", but after consideration of the defence argument sentenced him to three months jail, immediately released, on probation for 12 months.

Mr Polley argued that the 23-year-old was emotionally struggling following the suicide of his pregnant sister just three months before.

The family and Bevan's father, who he worked with, had not coped well with the tragedy.

Police prosecutor Nina Sulzer said the Gladstone resident and New Zealand national had been working in Townsville when he was refused entry to the Mad Cow Tavern; police were called when Bevan refused to leave.

Ms Sulzer said he appeared incoherent and smelt strongly of alcohol and told police to "f... off".

When the officers put a struggling Bevan up against a wall to arrest him, he aggressively knocked the constable off balance.

As they struggled the length of the building, the constable fell while holding onto Bevan's head, causing both men to fall, with Bevan landing on top.

Ms Sulzer said Bevan then punched the constable multiple times in the head.

He continued to punch the constable and it took five police to restrain and carry him to the van.

"If you behave in this loutish violent way in the streets against people of authority you will go to prison," Mr Clarke warned.

"Your behaviour was very bad. Make sure it is the first and last time you come before the court."

Bevan was fined $500 for failing to leave licensed premises and jailed for three months for the serious assault which was immediately suspended for 12 months.

He was ordered to complete 60 hours of unpaid community service work and placed on a 12 month probation order, which Mr Clarke said would give him an opportunity to deal with the loss of his sister; "putting you in touch with trained professionals who can assist you".

Bevan will pay $1000 compensation to the police constable for pain and suffering.

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