Convicted stalker claims police failed in investigation

A CONVICTED stalker has told the Court of Appeal police "deliberately" failed to gather evidence that would have exonerated him.

David Merton George Cox was convicted of stalking a housekeeper in his Caloundra apartment block.

In an appeal against his sentence, Cox told the court police had failed to get CCTV footage from a lift that would have proved he did not stalk the woman.

But Justice James Douglas said Cox had raised this issue in court, where one of the investigating officers had admitted he should have got the footage.

Justice Douglas said the officer's failure was likely due to inexperience - not part of a deliberate plot.

"It sounds like someone who is green. You've gone over the top saying it was deliberate," he said.

But Cox maintained it was "clearly deliberate".

He continued to deny he stalked the housekeeper and said there was "clear doubt" about the evidence she gave in court.

"I don't know this woman. I don't stalk housekeepers. I just don't do it," he said.

Cox appealed the sentence and conviction on a number of grounds, but was told by the presiding justices he was going over ground covered in the trial.

The court will deliver its decision at a later date. - ARM NEWSDESK

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