Connect your family and memories through a new app

MEMORIES: digitally capture your precious memories through the Keepsake app.
MEMORIES: digitally capture your precious memories through the Keepsake app.

LAUNCHED this week, a new app called Keepsake, will  help Seniors connect with the generations of their family now and in the future through the sharing of precious memories.

Anyone can download the app for free. It can be used to record and store images and audio, with a video option to be offered later in the year.

The Keepsake app was developed by Coffs Harbour mother Jacquie Houlden and her daughter Carly Daff. 

It was an idea that Jacquie had been mulling over for some time. When Carly was on maternity leave last year the two found the time to join forces to develop the idea into reality.

She had found a recorded interview where her mother talked about how she met her husband when they were interned in a refugee camp.

"I have been lucky enough to have access to her voice to tell me that story," Jacquie said. She has now loaded that audio up to her Keepsake account.

Virtually any visual and audio memory you have can be uploaded via the app to the cloud for storage and then enjoyment by a person of your choice.

"Imagine listening to your grandmother's voice describing something she wanted you to have. For people of my age this resonates as for so many of us, we can't hear our mother anymore as our she is no longer around," Jacquie said.

"We would probably give anything to connect with them even if it's only through a piece of technology."

Once your account is set-up and a few images loaded, you can at your leisure send an email from it inviting who you want to enjoy what you have uploaded. 

Perhaps you have a special memory or message you want saved via the app, one that you want played at a later time. You can assign a legacy access to your lawyer or partner, for example, so that they can view that material on your account.

The Keepsake app allows you to record for posterity your memories, special objects which you want family or friends to know the history of, copies of family and legal documents, memories that you want captured for your own record and much, much more.

"Keepsake gives you the ability to honour the memories as well as the object," Jacquie said.

"The types of things you upload and record stories about will be as individual as you and your life. The main thing is just to get started, don't leave your memories to chance, if you are anything like me, it's easy to forget.

"We are the older generation and it's up to us to capture our own stories for our own kids and grand-kids.

"If you are lucky you can still get your parents. But if not, it's important that think about what you pass onto your family," she said.

While the app is free to download and the first five photos and videos are free to upload, when you want to upload anywhere up to 40 of each item there is an incremental cost.

For more information on this Keepsake app, go to

MEMORIES: Apple app Keepsake is the newest offering for people to store and share their precious memories.
MEMORIES: Apple app Keepsake is the newest offering for people to store and share their precious memories.

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