Comforting kits for during breast cancer treatment

BREAST CANCER AWARENESS: Don't let your loved one commence chemotherapy without a Comfort Kit.
BREAST CANCER AWARENESS: Don't let your loved one commence chemotherapy without a Comfort Kit.

COMFORT Kits are designed to be used during the time breast cancer patients are receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

The kits are the brain-child of former nurse, Julie Lamont.

She has carefully developed a small range of kits to suit women and men who have gone through breast cancer surgery.

They contain chemotherapy-friendly personal care products, Australian-made where possible, which come in a beautifully presented kit.

"They are used to ease and soothe the more common side effects of chemotherapy or radiation,” Julie said.

In the kits are-

  • Mouthwash - soothing, gentle, moisturising and alcohol-free, and a toothbrush - soft is recommended.
  • Jelly beans - for that awful metallic taste you can get in your mouth, and peppermints - for nausea..
  • Lip balm - for dry, cracked or sore lips.
  • Straws - To help when the mouth is sore.
  • Nausea band - the natural way to ease a queasy stomach.
  • Sick bags - so you won't be caught out, handy for the glove box or handbag.
  • Face masks - to prevent catching the flu.
  • Hand sanitiser - to kill germs that may cause illness, when hand washing isn't an option.
  • Heat pack - for all those aches and pains.
  • Shampoo - non-drying, non-soap, and a hair net.
  • Non-slip socks - for those cold slippery hospital floors.
  • Moisturising cream - for red, swollen, painful and even cracked skin.
  • Tissues.
  • Digital thermometer.
  • A 100% silk scarf.
  • A toiletries bag.

To order a Comfort Kit for you or a friend, go to

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