COLUMN: Joyful ageing the secret to a long life

SENIORS, Boomers, whatever label you identify with …  a very warm welcome to this third  chapter in your lives.

For me this time is one for living "juicy".

It doesn't have to be a path of decline, but a time for re-imagining our lives with courage, passion and creativity.

Some of you may have re-invented your lives, moved interstate, or embraced new learning. Others may have been caring for family, or following their unfulfilled dreams.

Given we seem to be living longer than generations before us, the spotlight is now on us!

As I've been sailing through these transition years with relative ease, I feel confident that you can too, with renewed optimism, some extra skills and clarity about what's important to you now.

Often transitions require bridging the old and new realities - composing a new life story.

Our third chapter can offer us the space for slowing down, for introspection, and a time for letting go of any grief or loss.

Even "wasting" time is allowed!

It can also be a season in search of a purpose. A more meaningful life after work. Or sharing pearls of wisdom with your grandchildren.

Despite feeling invisible at times, we "grey-haired adolescents" can still take the stage. With our accumulated years of experience, resilience and wisdom, we can start a revolution and change the status quo.

In the months ahead, I plan to share with you the insights I've gathered about juicy ageing into my 69th year - from latest heart and brain research, the field of epigenetics and longevity, to techniques I've ​found helpful​, and insights gained from years of self-inquiry and deep, spiritual practice.

I'll als​o​ be inspiring you to embrace your senior years with zest and optimism, so that you too can age with more joy, ease and wellness.

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