Meet 'Colossus': The nightmare that could save hundreds

BE AFRAID. Be very, very afraid.

The "Colossus" has been found!

In footage that would surely send arachnophobes fleeing for the hills, the Australian Reptile Park have introduced their latest attraction: a giant male funnel web spider.

In fact, "Colossus", so named due to his enormous size, is the biggest funnel web that has ever been introduced into the Park.

Think size is the most terrifying aspect of "Colossus"? Think again!

"("Colossus") also comes with quite the temper with venom dripping constantly from his fangs when rearing up at staff," A Park spokesman said.

However, there is a silver lining to this nightmarish monster with staff expecting "Colossus" to become a BIG part of the Park's venom program, which helps up to 300 bite victims each year.