Trainers are on hand at Milon to help seniors master the smart card technology used in its circuit training.
Trainers are on hand at Milon to help seniors master the smart card technology used in its circuit training. Contributed

Coast seniors driven to improve their fitness

A Porsche-powered exercise revolution is being driven by Gold Coast seniors determined to keep themselves fit and healthy into their twilight years.

Members of the state-of-the-art Milon Premium Health Club at Marina Mirage are using high-tech equipment designed by the iconic German carmaker to maximise the efficiency and minimise the time for a workout.

Milon Australia managing director Marcin Lazinski said the Main Beach gym targeted the ageing population as a point of difference.

With a strong emphasis on safety and ease of use, the unique Milon strength-endurance circuit is completed in just over 17 minutes (two circuits per visit recommended) and focuses on improving both cardio fitness and muscle strength.

Marcin said the Milon equipment was particularly attractive to seniors as they simply inserted a personal smart card into each machine, which automatically adjusted to their needs.

"Our motto is Simple, Safe, Effective,” he said. "The fact you don't have to set up a machine every time you use it makes the exercise far more efficient.”

Many seniors believe daily walking is enough, but Marcin said the latest sports science supported the Milon approach to strengthening ageing muscles.

"Many older people are walking but not doing enough resistance training,” he said.

Marcin said Milon's emphasis on eccentric strengthening was shown by research to be particularly effective in helping seniors protect against falls.

A recent 12-week study of 30 women aged 60-82 at WA's Edith Cowan University underlined the benefits of eccentric exercise, where load is placed on a muscle while it is lengthening, rather than shortening.

Results showed improvements in walking and balancing, key areas where better function could prevent injuries involving falls.

Walter Elliot is founder and director of the over-50s Palm Lakes Resorts, and is such a fan of the Milon equipment he has had it installed in four.

Mr Elliot said that, like the resort residents, he loved the ease of use: "I just fit my card in and it tells me what I need to do. You do the rounds and the weights change as you go.”

In another glowing endorsement of the Milon gym, one of Australia's leading sports science doctors is also a regular attendee.

Associate Professor Allan Edwards, himself a member of the over-60s brigade, said the mix of resistance and aerobic training was particularly suited to the ageing population.

"You have to understand that you have to do some weight-bearing exercise and some cardiovascular apart from your walking,” he said.

"We need to guard against loss of core strength and stability as that's when you get people falling over and breaking or dislocating hips and having chronic conditions with the lower back.”

Milon is offering an obligation-free trial to Gold Coast seniors, with subsequent membership options available from $17.50 per week.

Call (07) 5528 1818 or visit for details.

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